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Sonntag, 1. Juli 2007

FAQs and WAQs

Hi everyone!

I get a not small amount of mails here and on myspace and whereever I´m signed up so I thought I do a little Frequently Asked Questions and Weird Asked Questions section :-)

Let´s start with the WAQ´s cause they are way less that the ones I can take serious.

WAQ: Hi I´m from *insert any arabian or african country you wish*. Can I marry you? Message me back on my *Messenger. My member-name is ***

Me: No thanks. If I marry someone I will marry that sweet & georogus boyfriend of mine. He did some kickboxing a while back actually and still includes training kicks in his daily routine :-)

WAQ: Can I buy your used panties?

Me: You can buy items I have been shooting with at ebay from time to time. However they will arrive freshly cleaned.

Now let´s go to the questions that one can actually take serious ;-)

FAQ: Is modelling your day-job?

Me: Now, I´d starve if I had to make a living of it. The only thing that you might get is free clothes or discounts on things. It´s more a hobby and you can be happy to get back as much as you spend.

I don´t know anyone that can make a big deal of money with it. The only models that can maybe make a plus are those that do nudes and Fetish-work but with Fetish work it also depends cause the outfits aren´t cheap. Photographers are a bit demanding and don´t want to shoot the same outfit on you over and over again.

Also some times you don´t shoot for weeks or months and other times almost every week. (I use my times off to relax and sew new outfits for shootings, so it´s no drama if nothing happens for a while.) So my day-job is to be a receptionist which is not as glamourous and exiting but a very nice job, too.

FAQ: Where do you get your clothes?

Me; I buy most on ebay cause it´s the easiest way. Eventhough I sometimes like to go shopping I get slightly depressed when I don´t find something cute and vintage in my size. I also sew a lot of my clothes myself so whenever I pass by a fabric store and see some cheap and cute fabric you can count on that I love with full backs. For girs that are short on money I can totally recommend to go to a sewing course. It´s not that hard.

If you don´t want to learn it and want to shop for some cute and well-made stuff those are favourites of mine:


Dresses and stuff:

Just to name a few sites worth a visit. Just write Rockabilly in any search maschine and you will find tons of shops.

FAQ: How do you style your hair?

Me: I either sleep in foam rollers or use a curling iron. The rest of it is basically trying around, many hairpins and hairspray. There are many good sites on Vintage styling around and at the Fedora Lounge http://www.thefedoralounge.com you can chat with the girls about any hairdo. They are real experts and many of them style way better than me.

FAQ: What does it take to be a pin up?

Me: Passion, Patience and a good heart. Looks are more a secondary thing when it comes to pin ups cause you can find beauty in everyone if that person is well styled. Also there allways were pin ups in different shapes and sizes. Check out the books "1000 Pin up Girls" and "History of mens magazines" and you´ll see what you mean. There is no prototype in pin up as there is no prototype in women. We tend to forget it because nowadays everything is possible. You can get implants if you´re not happy with your boobs. You can have a surgery on your nose. You can have your fat removed. Those things weren´t as common back than as they are now, so they took what was available and made best out of it. So take what nature gave you and use it for your advantage.

Well that´s it for today... It´s weekend and I´m lazy and there is a cute bag that waits for finishing touches. I might add more FAQs and WAQs some time... But those are the ones I get the most.

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