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Montag, 1. Oktober 2007


Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderfull weekend!

I look forward to a week full packed with work and fun! I´ll be shooting a little and I have some job-interviews again. I don´t know but sometimes nothing happens for a week or two and than there a many things going on at once! But I´m sure you know what I mean.

There are three topics about that I can´t talk enough: Pin up modelling, sewing and lingerie...

Ok, lets start with the lingerie.

I received my Cabaret Lingerie set from Ars-Vivendi and it´s a dream! The material is slightly stiffer than I expected, but it´s very comfortable and you won´t get wound parts. They are now officially available there so check it out. It´s very sexy!!!:


I heard the Bernie Dexter Lingerie line by Lucy B will be available this October. I saw the photos of the pieces and I´m curious if the prices will be as attractive as the lingerie. I´m also curious if those give some support to bigger chested girls like me. Well, I´ll ask and let you know. You can check out the pieces in advance in Bernies group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rockabilly_belle/?yguid=190769322 If you´re not already in her group you should check it out cause she´s really sweet and cute. I can understand why she´s so popular!

Sewing: I think I will start some new sewing projects this week! I have so many cute patterns and didn´t make them yet. It´s time to do the winter-collection! And there´s this gerogus dress that so un-winter-like that I still wanna do in red with keyhole-front: http://img.sewingtoday.com/cat/10000/itm_img/B5033.jpg

Pin up: Tomorow I´ll be doing some new photos in 50s style. I have a cute red skirt and jacket-outfit that I didn´t wear for a shooting yet. I wear them a lot in daily life and they finally deserve to get their own photos ;-) I made them myself and Iam very proud of those favourite pieces of mine.


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