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Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007

A word on Nylon stockings!

Ladies and Gents and everyone in between,

once or twice a year I start to sort my nylon-stockings to see which ones got runnings and damage and which ones don´t. I allways have a full stocking bag and over time it gets tiresome during shootings when you have to dig dig dig to find one of the pairs that are still wearable (at home it´s annoying, too, but you have way more time there!!!). So I dedicate todays blog completely to Nylons.

You are one of the people that never wore a nylon-stocking and usually wear those polymyd stuff? I say you should really try them. They ARE expensive, but they feel so much better to the leg! They feel silky and you get more wears out of them, so in relation they are not THAT expensive.

How to get a extra long wear out of your stockings?

1. Allways file your toes and nails so they won´t hurt the stocking. Even better is to get stocking gloves like those: http://www.ars-vivendi.de/shop/catframe.asp?product_group=901208&sid=

2. Roll your nylons carefully up before stepping in! (Also make it easier to keeps the seams straight)

3. Wash your stockings once in a while. I usually carefully put them in a sink with warm water and shampoo for a while, than I rinse and roll them in a towel to let them dry. I saw a little sack to put in your stockings when you´re in a hurry and put them in the washing-maschine, but I never tried that myself: http://www.ars-vivendi.de/shop/catframe.asp?product_group=901208&sid=

4. Get a Stocking bag. One like those: http://search.ebay.de/search/search.dll?from=R40&_trksid=m37&satitle=Strumpftasche so you can keep your stockings together and keep them away from any sharp things! Plus you´ll be able to keep them all together. You know how easily you can loose your socks? Same with Stockings!!!

Believe me, it´s worth the effort!

Nylons come in different ways. You don´t wanna cause that much attention but still wear stockings? Go for the seamless ones:

You wanna live out your inner Pin up/Vintage Lady?
Either seams: http://www.ars-vivendi.de/shop/catframe.asp?product_group=901208&sid=

Or go for the holy grail and wear FFs with seam and keyhole: http://www.ars-vivendi.de/shop/catframe.asp?product_group=901208&sid=

There are also tons of Original Vintage stockings available on ebay. Sometimes you can make a bargain - sometimes it´s cheaper to buy them new. Plus when there´s one Vintag-stocking damaged and the other not, you know that you´ll never find exactly the same shade again. While you can just re-order the one of your desire and have an extra stockings in the case of cases if it´s a new one.

UK-buyers can get new ones at www.whatkatiedid.com
Americans on www.girdlebound.com
and the Germans and other Europeans can just use the links I posted to demonstrate the difference of stockings available.

There´s also an petition by WKD going on where you can sign up: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/4/bring-back-stockings-down-with-tights and help keeping nylon-stockings alive

There´s one thing that I can´t tell... What to do with all those damaged stockings from my bag??? They are way too many to make hair-rats with it!

Have a nice Sunday and keep your seams straight!

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