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Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007


The silky touch of lingerie,
will bring strong men down on their knee!

Am I not a horrible poet? Ha, ha....

Today our neighbor suddenly rang at the door to hand over a parcel he got from the postman a few days ago. What a wonderfull surprise! It was a parcel by Secrets in Lace with FF stockings and two marvelous lingerie sets. Since they got numberous requests of Sari-fans for Sari in Secrets in Lace they sended me that cute little gift. My fans really rule!!! I´m very happy and proud about you!!!

So I´ve tried the things today and I´m very pleased with them: They have enough stretch to be comfortable but not so much that they don´t support at all. However my recommendation is, that you should take the garter belts one size smaller if you want a really cinched effect since they are true in size. Same goes for stockings: Long is really long so I especially recommend their stockings for girls with very long legs that usually have problems finding the right stuff. http://www.secretsinlace.com/category/Stockings

I got the Gretchen Long Line bra with cincher


and the Coquette set in pink:


You can bet I´ll wear those for shootings in a very near future. The pink one makes a perfect Valentines Day Set and the longline bra goes perfect with any strapless dress.

Did you actually see those yet? FF Stockings with a very special backseam!!! http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/460/12 Those are brand-new and just came out a week ago. And they made it to my wish list immediately. I never saw any like those before.

And I have some more georgous lingerie-news! A German pin up (let´s call her Miss S. from D.) sended a request to Ars Vivendi asking them to stock the Bernie Dexter lingerie line by LucyB. Ars Vivendi take their customer requests very serious so they inquired and you know what? The items gonna appear on their site tonight or tommorow. Click by here to check if they are already there: http://www.ars-vivendi.de/shop/catframe.asp?vp_id=affilinet and while you hungrily wait you can check out photos of the collection here:


Yes, that´s a blog full of lovely ladies in lovely lingerie I have the feeling that 2008 will be a great year lingerie-wise... And I still have the Kiss me Deadly parcel to look forward to. Yummy Yummy!

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