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Samstag, 20. März 2010

Links and what else I´ve got cooking

Hi everyone,

things happened in the past days, well, it is not that I had a shooting or so, but there are some nice news! In case you don´t regulary check my website, there are two nice sites featuring little old me:

I did a little interview with fiXe-Magazine that you can read here: http://www.fixemagazine.com/post.php?postid=483

And something that made me even more happy is that Iam on the frontpage of http://www.ablegrable.com/

Iam busy preparing stuff right now. For one I have a shooting planed for Wednesday which will be pure Hollywood Glamour all satiny and shiny and lovely for which I probably even gonna get some nice acessoires by a Designer based here in Düsseldorf (I´ll tell more once it is all done. She is very busy at the moment working on her new collection and so it isn´t 100% sure wether she can contribute to the shoot at the moment).

I´m on the hunt for other shootings as well. I do not know what will happen after my big release in April. Will I get some exiting shooting offers/bookings once a half million people saw my fashion spread? Or will nothing happen at all? With the big changes going through the fashion scene at the moment it is as unpredictable as the weather. Hence I do not plan anything for April until I know and try to do as much as possible before Day X. Where am I going? I have no idea, but even if there won´t be cool offers I will be fine and just keep on doing what I allways did: Humourous Pin up Pics - the Sari way.

Plus I prepared another special offer on my blog (the staff at Jolie said they will add my website-adress to the fashion spread which would be damn cool as people can easily go there and check out what else I´m doing). So in case they didn´t forget to add my website, I will have quiet some traffic on my site all through April and I should use that to place another big wholesale-order at Kiss me Deadly. ;-)

So long! I got to go and do my laundry and touch up my roots. Don´t you hate it when your roots start to come out?! Eeeeeeeeek


  1. hey,

    ich wollte nur hey sagen und hoffe du hast weiterhin soviel erfolg und alles klappt so wie du es dir vorstellst...

    es ist toll eine frau auf erfolgskurs zu sehen die was zu bieten hat :) ...ich wünschte ich hätte soviel sexyness und glamour...

    beste grüße
    aus dem verregneten hamburg...

  2. Hallo Agnieszka,

    danke für die netten Worte. Sexyness und Glamour sind nichts mit dem man geboren wird.

    Ich habe 23 Jahre meines Lebens als kleine unscheinbare Maus verbracht und spreche da aus Erfahrung.

    Probiere herum. Finde heraus womit du dich wohlfühlst. Wünsch nicht nur, trau dich :-) Wahrscheinlich haben wir alle nur dieses eine Leben und daher sollten wir unser bestes tun, es uns so schön wie möglich zu machen.

    Viel Glück und Spass! Mach einfach! :-)