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Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Everyone does "Day of the Dead" for Halloween

Hello everyone,

looking around I feel that Mexican Day of the Dead themes are the new Polka Dots in the Retro Community, however... For our Halloween Party at work I had to stick to it myself cause my original Halloween costume did not turn up in time and I needed a cheap replacement so I bought water colours for a few Euros, checked out some pictures and I was ready to go. Exept for one person nobody did get what I was anyway :-D But everyone liked it and thought it looked scary and that I did a nice make up job. I totally creeped out the bus driver and everyone in the bus so I´d say: "Mission fullfilled"! I won´t have a Halloween on Halloween, cause John has to work the day after so I wish you a nice one :-)

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