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Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

How "Top" is the MUA Britains and Irelands Next Top Model Palette

Hello everone,

chances that I´ll ever going to actually see "Britains and Irelands Next Top Model" are like Zero as Iam neither British or Irish ;-) Regardless of it all: When MUA announced that they have a new Palette "Britains and Irelands Next Top Model - High Definition Supermodel eyes" I was on board (seriously, they could bring out a "We hate Sari Palette" and I still would buy it ;-)

Anyway their Website states: "Here at MUA Towers we love Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model so much that we have created our very own palette! Filled with 28 eyeshadows, including a variety of pearl, matte and high shimmers, a blusher, a bronzer and a highlighter, you will look camera ready in a flash! With a lenticular cover graphic!"

I have to mention that ACTUALLY I am not supposed to spend any extra Money on anything because in a month I will be going to Kopenhagen and Malmö for 10 days so should be saving Money instead, but well... With it beeing reduced in Price for limited time it was on offer I couldn´t refuse ;-)

I ordered on Tuesday when it came out on the MUA Website and yesterday it arrived, which means it only took 5 days (4, if you take into account that I ordered it afternoon time so that wasn´t even an entire day). yay!

So, it´s 28 Colors, 1 bronzer, 1 blusher and 1 highlighter. It has a lenticular case. When I first read that all i thought was "what the heck is that???". I found out that if you move the case it Looks as if the eyes on it open and Close. To my defense: I don´t know the Name of it in my own language either. It Looks pretty cool, but I am a Horror movie damaged Person and sometimes when I Forget it´s there and look on it and see it blink I get frightened. It´s like beeing haunted by supermodel eyes. I probably should watch less Horror movies :-D

So this morning right after I got up I took it to the test! I didn´t do swatches by myself because the ones on the MUA blog are pretty accurate.

taken from the MUA Facebook-site

What I think: As usual the pearly and shiny eye shadows are Genius! And the matte eyeshadows Need a looooot of layering to Show. But it is only 4 out of 28. The other ones are hyperpigmented (most of them) or require just Little building up. The swatches are true to Pigmentation.

The bronzer, blusher and highlighter are very well pigmented as well. The bronzer is suitable to pale to medium Skin, the blusher fabulous for pale Skin, but the Highlighter puzzled me. It puzzled me in the swatches already because it is so dark. It is sort of a brownish shimmery pink. I did a test make up using eyeshadows from the Palette, the bronzer, blusher and highlighter.

So if you wonder why the blusher is going until almost under my eye I have to say: because it isn´t the blusher. The upper part of it is the highlighter. This said I would not recommend using the highlighter as a highlighter unless your Skin is really, really dark. I would recommend using it as a beautifull shimmering blusher instead. It will do a fabulous Job as that, but if you really wanna use a powder highlighter I suggest you use the "Undress you Skin" Highlighting powder or the one from the Artiste Palette to avoid the "I didn´t know where to stop with the blusher" look. (It Looks more extreme in real life as my camera Flash swallows a lot of Color)

BaInTM Palette colours used: Pearl coloured champagne (first Color in row 3) for browbone, yellow high shimmer Color (second Color in row2), high shimmer green Color (fourth Color in last row) all over the lid.

 If you wonder why I didn´t photoshop out the Little pimple on my chin: With the same parcel I received my Pro Base Complexion Kit which includes a cream to powder foundation, concealer and a highlighter cream and I want to Show which effect it has. Overall you can see the coverage is pretty good and the concealer does a fine Job concealing. Despite the cream to powder formula I needed to powder it anyway. I have mixed Skin so I have to basically powder everything on my face. Like... Multiple times. And blot during the day.I didn´t get to use the cream highlighter with this look as I wanted to test the one from the BaInTM Palette, but I swatched it on my Hand yesterday and I am really excited to use it on my next make up.

Is there any specific Palette Color you would love to see "in Action" in my next blog entry? if so: Comment :-)

I bought some more stuff, so now I own the Fashionista Lip plumping Gloss in Fuchsia and all the MUA blushers I was missing so far. You can expect a biiiiig swatch Parade with all MUA blushers I have soon. It´ll take a Little while as I just have two arms to swatch on and it´s like 15 single blushers and 4 more if I include the shimmer kisses blusher and swatch all Colors of it seperately.


  1. Thanks for this review! Going to go buy it now.

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