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Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

MUA Blushers Swatch Parade

Hello everyone,
I don´t know whether I am just beeing picky, but i hate when I carefully put on my make up and give it the final touches with blusher only to realise it doesn´t go with my eye make up. Usually I just grumble and just avoid looking too Close into the mirrors during the day, but since I build up my blusher collection this never happens anymore...
I have blushers by many Drugstore brands, but MUA outnumbers them all. Why is that?
1.) They are extremely affordable (Cream Blushers are like two british Pounds, the powder Blushers like 2 British Pound and the Shimmer Kisses one was 3 British Pounds. Roughly this makes them cost between 1,25 and 3,75 € a PIECE) and considering how often MUA has Special offers such as the 3 for 2, or Special Discounts at Special ocassions it costs even LESS if you just wait till the right offer Comes along.
2.) I think their Quality is REALLY good for the Price. The swatch photo below was taken at natural day light. So you can get a good idea how they really look like. I have all of them, except the Cream Blush in "Bittersweet" as it is sold out at the Moment. 

Top Row: (First 3) Blush Perfection Cream Blusher "Blossom", "Dolly", "Yummy". MUA Blushers Shade 1- 6

Bottom Row features the brandnew blushers: "Bon Bon", "Bubble Gum", "Candyfloss", "Cupcake", "Lolly", Marshmallow. The last 5 swatches are every single Color of the Shimmer Kisses Blusher, the last one beeing them all mixed together.

Which ones of the Blushers look similar?
"Cupcake" and "Lolly" look similar to Shade 4 and 5.
The Cream Blushers look like a cream Version of Shade 1-3, but as they have different finishes (the cream blushers are more dewy and glowy) I say it´s up to you whether you want all or just one Version of them. I have no regrets owning both Version.

The only real let down is the Shimmer Kisses Blusher. In comparision to the other blushers it is barely pigmented and I had to rub over the Color really hard to pick up any product. Actually I hoped to take this one along when travelling so I´d have 5 blushers in one, so I am really disappointed. However as this is the first real disappointment I had with MUA products that´s fine.

I hope you enjoyed my Little swatch Parade :-) I consider to swatch my blushers from other brands as well if you would like to see them.

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