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Samstag, 20. Juli 2013

Essence Tribal Summer bronzing powder review

Hello everyone,
last Weekend I bought two items of the Essence Summer Tribal Limited Edition. I saw them rather unexpectedly and as John was with me I didn´t take the time to Google the things I bought before Hand... big mistake...

I bought the Tribal Summer bronzing powder "inti inka" and the Liquid Blush "waka waka". You will notice that the Liquid Blush isn´t pictured because it was so horrible I gave it back straight away. It had Zero Pigmentation. Really NOTHING. Not even subtle. And it was greasy. It felt more like a primer minus any function. Sorry, but NO. What were they thinking?
I finally got around using the bronzing powder today and expected it to be more golden.... Unfortunately I was mistaken. As you can see it is rather a orange. Not a very nice look on me. I love orange lipstick, but an orange bronzer? nooooooo.... If you have a Skin tone that can take it go for it. The Pigmentation is alright. Nothing too big, but alright. If you are pale with olive undertones stay away....
On the positive side I bought the Sun Club all over shimmers in both "Ibiza sun" and "Miami heat" and love them. I wear the one in "Ibiza sun" as my eye shadow on the Pictures.
Overall: Essence has my two fave eye prducts beeing Liquid Ink Eyeliner and the I Love Volume Mascara. But the Summer Tribal Edition isn´t my Cup of tea. I heard the lipsticks and polishes are good though. Try them instead.

Face: Catrice BB Cream, MUA Matte Perfect powder, Essence Tribal Summer bronzing powder
Eyes: Essence Sun Club "Ibiza Sun", Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner, Essence I love volume Mascara, MUA eye brow pencil in "brunette" and "blonde, Essence Guerilla Gardening eye brow mascara 
Lips: FashinistA Plumping Lip Glaze "Fashion Fuchsia"

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  1. Thank you for sharing. You are beautiful. I'm bad with making up so I only use a lipstick and sunlight cream.