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Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Viva la "VIVO"

Hello everyone,
another British Make up Brand sneaked into the Spotlight for me... VIVO. Just like MUA it´s owned and made by FB Beauty and as they had a 50% off sale AND free shipping and I am looking hard for some Multi purpose sets for vacation I figured I give them a try....

What I got...
First row (from top to bottom): Blush & Highlight Face Palette "Show me yours and I´ll", B & H Palette "What´s mine in mine", Matte Lipstick "Tangtastic", Matte Lipstick "Puker Red"
Second Row: Blush and Highlighter Duo "Pink Primrose", B a H D "Sweet Peach", Lacqer Shine Lipgloss "Fire", Highlighter
Third Row: B a H D "Sugar Candy", Matte Eye Shadow "Sandstorm"
Photo taken inside
Starting from the Left:
 Blush & Highlight Face Palette "What´s mine is mine" (on top)
 B & H Face Palette "Show me yours and I´ll" (below)
Blush with Highlighter Duo (I swatched Highlighter First, followed by Blush):
"Sweet Peach", "Sugar Candy" and "Pink Primrose".
Matte Eye Shadow "Sandstorm"
Photo taken outside
I LOVE the Blush & Highlight Palettes. Seriously. Each Palette consists of a creme blusher, a powder blusher and a highlighter. The description advices to first put on the cream blusher, than dust the powder one on top and than apply the highlighter. I feel this implies that the cream highlighter is not an intense Color. NO. You can put on either the cream or powder blush and you will be FINE. A good vacation product because if you are in the mood for cream blusher you can use that. If you feel like "no, I want to use a powder blusher today" you can do it. And the highlighter is good to have in any case.

On the Pictures below Iam applied the Blush and Highlight Palette in "What´s mine is mine"which is a nice coralish/pinkish Color and the Matte lipstick in "Tangtastic".
The liquid Highlighter is very subtle. But I will give it some road-testing and see how it goes. A Little of it goes a Long way though. I suggest if you are not very brave it is a good liquid highlighter to Experiment with.
Blush with Highlighter Duo:  The highlighter is soft and nice, but the blusher part was sort of hard to swatch and I had to layer it quiet a bit so it would work. I don´t want to give up on them though and will test them "on the road" to make up my mind. I REALLY want them to work... But probably they will only do for subtle day make up and won´t be suitable for photoshootings.

UPDATE: I road-tested the Blush with Highlighter Duos. Just as I thought: They are nice and subtle for every day, but not something "strong" enough to take to my Shootings.. Well, Í have good use for them anyway ;-)
About the Matte Eyeshadow in "Sandstorm" I can just say: As you can see you see nothing. This works for very natural Looks, but if that´s not your Kind of Thing I´d say pass on that. I have the MUA Matt Eyeshadow in Shade 17 which is even a bit more light, but making a photo of the swatch makes no sense because... well... you´d see nothing.
On to the lipsticks!
Matte Lipstick "Tangtastic", Matte Lipstick "Pucker Red", Laqcer Shine Lipgloss "Fire"
I ordered the VIVO Matte Lipsticks - and than I realised: What if they are the same ones as the Matte lipsticks included in the MUA Lipboom? So the first Thing I did was comparing them side by side...

Comparing MUA Lip Boom Matte Lipsticks with Vivo Matte Lipsticks:
Left: MUA "OMG", Right "Vivo "Tangtastic" Verdict: MUA is a tad more pinkish
Left MUA "Bring it", Right: Vivo "Pucker Red" Verdict: is basically the same
 Quality-wise they are the same. Even smell the same way (Vanilla... yummy!) You definately don´t Need both MUA´s "Bring it" and VIVO´s "Pucker Red". The Colors are exactly the same. The Lipboom Comes with a Lipgloss so it is really up to you which Version you prefer. Either way you get great Quality and an amazing matte red lipstick ;-)
I quiet like the Lacquer Shine Lipgloss in "Fire" but the fragrance is more like bubblegum. Not sure how I will cope with that. I prefer the vanilla fragrance that basically all MUA products have.
VIVO still have their 50% off sale going on until 10th July, so if you´d like to try something you should go for it NOW.

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