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Samstag, 10. August 2013

Make up items you NEED if you start modelling

Hello everyone,
There is something that most Websites don´t tell you about modelling which is that unless you are modelling for high class magazines and tv Commercials or have the money to hire an make up Artist (or have someone volunteering as one) you Need to do your own make up. BANG! The truth is out.

Taken while I prepared my make up for a Shooting. See more Pictures here
So I would like to write about what you really, really need to start with (more is MORE, but if you are beginning you should definately have those Basic items). I won´t Name brands. Things that work for me, possibly don´t work for you. Your hair-color/Skin tone/texture/eye Color is probably different. Experiment and find out what is good for you.
Highlighter (powder or cream)
A selection of blushers (powder or cream)
All of this Needs to SUIT YOUR SKIN TONE and your TYPE OF SKIN. No excuses for mismatching.
A selection of false lashes (trust me. It is well worth learning how to use them!)
eye lash glue
eye primer (optional. Personally I don´t need it all the time. It depends on how well eye shadow lasts on you in General and how well pigmented your eye shadows are)
Eyeliner (pen, liquid or gel, whatever you can handle the best way)
Eye Shadows (in the Long run you´ll want to go for palettes cause it´s time consuming to search for every single shade you want to use. I suggest you start off having the following: 1 Palette with natural Colors, 1 Palette with bright Colors, 1 Palette with smokey colours. As time passes you can extend your Palette collection, but those 3 are essential)
Eye brow pencils or powder
Red Lipstick
Pink Lipstick
Nude Lipstick
(that is enough to get started, but extend your collection whenever you have the Chance so it goes with your Overall make up and Shooting Outfit. Find the shades that suit you the best way! Have fun searching for them :-) 
Other stuff:
Moisturizer for your skin
cleaning pads
Make up remover Lotion
A selection of brushes to apply your make up
thermal water (you will be happy if you can spray on a Little if it is hot in the Studio)
hair Pins to Keep your hair off your face while you apply make up
I know this sounds like a lot of stuff. But if you go through your make up bag you probably realize that you own most of it already. And you don´t need to buy the most expensive stuff. Personally Iam allways on the look out for good Beauty bargains. Big Price tags don´t mean big Quality all the time. Check out Blogs and YouTube Videos for product Reviews. I often Google for swatches if I see a product that interests me. If you have a mobile phone with Internet you should do that, too ;-)