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Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

MUA Ever After Matte Palette and Smokin Palette

Hello everyone,
many Make up Fans asked MUA to do a Matte Palette and finally they did. Now... Let´s see whether it is worth the Hype!

top row: Unwrap, Butter, Bare, Tafetta, Fade
bottom row: Penny, Chino, Truffle, Fog, Smoke
The Palette Features 10 Matte Shades  and costs 4 BP which is roughly 5 €. Look at it how pretty it is! While swatching I realised the shades are rather dusty.... So I was like uh oh... I don´t know whether the Palette was worth the purchase, BUT I wore the Palette today and it works better on my eyes than on my arm! Actually it stayed on all day! I wanted to take a photo wearing it, but it is so dark today i can´t take a decent Picture, but I will try it during the Weekend

Unwrap, Butter, Bare and Tafetta are very light Skin colored shades, lovely for all over the lid and the browbone to neutralize your eye lid Color. I am not quite sure who Needs so many light Skin colored matte eyeshadows, though. Two probably would have been enough. They ARE beautiful, but maybe a bigger Variation such as a plum Color would have been cool :-)
The bottom row is fantastic! This is the part were I really, really see how hard MUA have been working on it´s Matte eye shadow Pigmentation! Look at the Picture. They are beautiful and so pigmented!
 The other Addition to the MUA Palette Family is the Smokin Palette. I heard it is a dupe for the Urban Decay "Smoked" Palette, but can´t confirm cause that´s just not in my Budget. With 7 BP (about 8€) this is rather "expensive" for a MUA Palette, but definately something i can afford ;-)
Glory, Boudoir, Ghost, Fantasy, Mythical, Broken
Icon, Unleash, Chaos, Wicked
Smokin Pen
Glory is a lovely matte eyeshadow exactly the Color of my Skin. Try to spot it! You won´t! What you will spot instead is the lovely beige "Boudoir" next to it. Altogether you will find 4 matte eyshadows and 6 shimmering ones. The pencil is stuck so tight it was really hard to get out, but once I managed to get it out it was such a beautiful pigmented black and worth the fight with the glue ;-) This is a truely dreamy perfect Palette. I totally feel in the mood to do a Little "Flapper" look with it. Hopefully I will find time to do so and take photos soon.
My conclusion: I love the Smokin Palette a Little bit more than the Matte Ever After, but it is probably the Ever After i will reach for in daily life and the Smokin one during the fancier occassions. Anyway: I can´t wait to Play more with both! If only I had more than two eyes to put eyeshadow on ;)


  1. Great review hun! They both look so nice, I can't wait to order them, they will be such a nice addition to my palette collection! :)


  2. The Ever After Palette is sold out on the MUA website :-( I'm not sure about the Dmokin Palette.