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Dienstag, 10. September 2013

MUA Matte Lipsticks Swatches and Review

Hello everyone,
last week MUA released some new products and I jumped in and ordered them, namely the Smokin Palette, the Matte Palette and the Matte Lipsticks. They arrived today already! Imagine this wonderful surprise :-) Today I will Show you the Matte Lipsticks, tomorrow I will swatch the Matte and Smokin Palette and on the Weekend I´ll probably photograph some Looks with it.
Scarlet Siren, Peachy Keen & Wild Berry
swatched in natural light
When I swatched them my first Impression was "Oh, they are not that pigmented!" HOWEVER, if you build up the Color it Looks fab! They also feel creamy and moiturizing on and "Scarlet Siren" already survived an afternoon at work, a Cup of tea and my water bottle without losing Color. So: Once it´s on, it´s on. I took some quick outdoor photos. Nothing too fancy, just my usual every day make up (well, at least what´s left of it when I come home) semy-messy hair and my balcony .

Scarlet Siren, a beautiful pin up red, indeed fit
 for the Screen siren in you
Peachy Keen, a perfect neutral Color for every day
Wild Berry was, to my surprise, the least pigmented of the three, but it is a very
beautiful Color - perfect for fall.
 Altogether I recommend to buy them. For the Price (1,18 € each!) you really can´t go wrong!


  1. Aloha Sari,
    die beiden Farben Wild Berry und Scarlet Siren sind ja wirklich großartig.
    Wo bekommt man sie denn?
    lieben Gruß Jen

  2. Looking forward to trying these! Love matte products :)

    Hannah's Beauty Sweet

  3. Amazing review!I loved it! All 3 colour suit you!