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Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Inexpensive things for the stressed skin

Hello everyone,
the weather is changing and so is our Skin. Lately I found myself experimenting with my Skin care a bit and while some things failed I think I at least figured out the perfect evening Routine for myself :-)

I have mixed Skin, but lately it is more on the dry side. I had some dry patches, but now they are gone and surprisingly: It was by using very cheap stuff, so I figured I share it :-)
What you Need....
Coconut oil - Prices start at about 5 € for a loooot (Bought it in a local organic Supermarket)
Cleasing sponge. I pay 95 Cent for a pack of two sponges from Ebelin (available in DM). 

Ripe Avocado. Prices range from 60 Cent to 1 € (available in a Supermarket near you)

Cheap, huh? Another Advantage is that if you try it and this Routine is just not for you you can eat most of the items.... Well, except for the sponges. Please DO NOT eat the sponges ;-)
Make up removal:
So what I do is the following. I take a tiny, tiny amount (let´s say a pea-sized Piece)  of coconut oil and warm it up between my fingers. I massage it onto my face in circular motions. Than I wait for, let´s say, a Minute. I take a cleansing sponge and moist it with hot water. Wit hthe sponge I remove the coconut oil and the make up. It works like Magic. Even my water proof Eyeliner is removed smoothly. Every night I rinse my cleansing sponge throughly, let it dry over night and after one week I replace it.
Sleeping pack over night:
After I remove my make it I proceed to step 2. I take a pea-sized Piece of Avocado and mash it with my fingers until it it a nice and smooth paste. I apply it all over my face. Within 10 minutes or so it dries down. If you touch your face now it feels like Velvet. If you leave your fingers on for several seconds you´ll notice this velvety surface melts down to a oil. Besides that there is no Peeling or crumbling and you can just sleep with it on your face barely noticing it is there. The next morning I just rinse it off with warm water and have a Skin soft as a Baby butt. Presently I do this every night. It has completely removed my dry patches and I don´t break out from it, It just gives me a wonderfull, soft Skin :-)
Sleeping pack for your lips: If your lips are dry you can additionally apply coconut oil to your lips before you go to sleep. Also works for your feet, but don´t Forget to put your socks on or you´ll have oil in your bed.
I am still working on the other aspects of my routines for fall and winter, but this one will probably remain a part of it. If you try it and it works for you let me know :-)

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