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Freitag, 15. November 2013

Review: Vanedo Beauty Friends Sheet Masks Part 1 (Red Ginseng, Lemon, Snail and Pearl)

Hello everyone,
as mentioned in an earlier post I figured trying some korean/asian Skin products sure wouldn´t hurt and as sheet masks are a must in their Skin Routine I went to ebay and bought a bunch of Vanedo sheet masks which are both popular and cheap. The masks were around 80 Cents each, so if they had been a failure it wouldn´t have been a Problem. One Thing must be said: Sheet masks are great to totally creep someone out... I won´t take a photo of me with one one, but if you check this "how to" Illustration you will get what I mean....
Sexy, huh?
Anyway those are the ones I got myself

My Skin type: Combination Skin with oily nose and chin. I have a tendency to get small pimples on my chin. No blackheads, no enlarged pores.

How did I like them?

Red Ginseng
The package says Includes red ginseng extracts giving out natural fragrance that tighten skin pores while it cleans and moisturizes.

How I used it: Straight after a shower. Applied toner as adviced, forgot to cool or heat the mask though. Damn!

What I thought: I have no idea how red Ginseng smells. The mask smelled like something herbal (well, I guess that´s what red Ginseng is) but nice. I felt a lot of blood circulation going on while I had it on my face. It was stinging a bit above my lip, but there was no redness after I took the mask off.

Afterwards my face felt very refreshed and moisturized. No idea about pores beeing tightened as mine are not particulary big.

The package ´says:Includes lemon extracts containing lots of vitamin C that help to make skin elastic and rejuvenated while it cleans and moisturizes.

How I used it: I peeled my face before use, than put the sheet one while I was taking a bath. I warmed up the package in the bath water before.

What I thought: This mask smelled of nothing :-( I love a citrus-y smell but detected nothing. It didn´t feel as refreshing  and blood ciculating as the red Ginseng one, but I felt my Skin absorbed it a bit more than the Ginseng. Honestly I felt no difference in Terms of "elastic Skin"after using it.

Honestly I am disappointed. My Skin usually responds very well to anything with fruits in it (unless it´s Kiwis. My last Encounter with a kiwi ended with sleepless nights cause I touched a kiwi, unaware that I am allergic and my entire Body started to itch. It ended up with me written off sick for the entire week because I looked so horrible, despite taking hardcore allergy pills.). My Skin didn´t respond in any particular way. I´d dare say: My Skin was sort of bored.

So my first Impression is that this mask is that it is not a "must have" or that you are missing out if you don´t try it.

Snail (yes, no kidding)
The package ´says: The mucin component contained in the mucus of snails which is good for skin reproduction enhances the reproductive ability of your skin and helps your skin more vitalized.

How I used it: Straight after a shower freshly taken of the Refrigerator.

What I thought: This is sort of the "novelty" mask in my order. Putting snail on my face is nothing new to me though. Many many decades ago my mother and aunt put a snail on my nose to make a wart go away. Yeah, that´s how we roll on the Country side. I have no idea who gave them this idea to start with. Those were the 80s, way before acessible Internet and free acessible urban myths. You wonder what happened to the wart? It stayed, but the snail died. Now, the snails for this mask didn´t have to die. Quite certainly not cause only their slime is beeing used and as I was reading up on the subject I informed myself about snail farms and that if the snails don´t have the right conditions, the right Food and enough space.... they just don´t grow or slime or do anything they ought to do. But onto the mask.

What I thought:It is not slimey (well not more than the other masks cause admittedly they ARE slippery). The mask smells of cucumber and a hint of Lemon, so it is not exactly unpleasant.
 On the face the mask felt refreshing and I felt the essence on it it was absorbed well. I can´t say how reproduced and vitalized my Skin is, because I feel that is rather something one can tell after Long term use, but I guess I´d put the Little snail friends on my Skin again.

The package ´says: Includes Coenzyme Q10 that helps to reduce free radical damages while it cleans and moisturizes.

How I used it: I warmed it up, peeled my face and put it on while I was taking a bath.

What I thought: The mask has a sort of flowery fragrance like a perfume. Not sure how I feel about that as flowery perfumes are just not my Thing (give me fruity and girly fragrances an day... vanilla, coconut, apples - YAY). I felt a Little tingling so I see that as a sign that it actually does something. It sure felt nice and moisturizing.Afterwards my Skin looked very nice and luminous. So... I like the result.

Presently my top 4 are:
1. Red Ginseng
3. Pearl (despite the smell)
2. Snail (wouldn´t have expected that when I ordered it)
4. Lemon

to be continued.... (next time with green tea, pomegrate, raspberry and coenzyme)

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