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Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Serums are only for mature women, right?

Hello everyone,
As mentioned before I have been tweeking my skin care routine a little because of the weather. I have been doing some research on the Internet and somehow (I don´t remember how) ran into Korean skin care routines and the many many steps that go into it. And what I realised was…. Even younger people use serum on their face. Maybe I am old-fashioned or stupid, but until I read that I thought serums are only for mature skin (something that I don´t really have to worry about yet. Granted, I am 32 years old, but no wrinkles in sight as of now). Beeing a little experimental I thought by myself “Oh what the heck”, went to DM, bought the Alverde Aqua Feuchtigkeitskur Meeresalge Serum for roughly 4 € and gave it a try…. My little experiment resulted in having the best skin ever! (However I tried another product from the very same line and this one made me break out. Once I skipped the other product everything was alright again).
I have combination skin, so it is always tough to find something that works for me. This serum is specifically for normal and combination skin, so it moisturizes, but does not make the skin oily. Every morning and evening I drip out 3 drops of the serum and quickly put it on my face. I massage it into my skin a little and once it´s been absorbed I put on my moisturizer. I was positively surprised how much difference this little extra step makes. The only downside is that you have to break off the head of the little serum-bottle, so it is not suitable for travelling. I used it for several weeks straight now and one little bottle lasts forever! In the 3 weeks since I started to use it I have only used up half the bottle.
So what I mean to say is: Give serums a chance! There are more than just anti aging serums ;-) And if that´s what it takes to fight the skin problems caused by heaters – right on!
Another thing: considering I found the advice to use serums in a Korean make up blog I ordered myself some Korean skin care products as well (I read their knowledge in skin care is 12 years ahead of the rest of the world and considering they re-invented the BB Cream (you know it was originally invented in Germany many decades ago, right?) and invented the CC Cream it´s worth giving it a try). Well, miniatures of korean products, cause I want to try what works for me before ordering full sizes. I might write more about those when I have them and tested them a little to kill some time until I can post some pretty pictures again ;-) I will also write more about how to order and all this stuff...

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