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Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Vanedo Beauty Friends Sheet masks Part 2 (vitamin, mung bean,raspberry, syn ake, pomegrate, green tea)

Hello everone,

a little while passed since Part 1 of my sheet mask review and I got to play with some more Vanedo Masks. Encoraged through my experiments in Part 1 I added some more to my collection and now they even have a own "littl" basket in my bath room. Oooooops.... There was this lovely offer on ebay where one could buy 30 sheet mask and I figured if I use 2-3 a week that´s a great deal and ebough to last for a while. I don´t think anyone cares about my sheet mask reviews, but if that´s the case those will serve me as a reminder on what I liked and what I didn´t when I order the next time. Anyway... here comes the new review...

Green Tea

The package ´says: Includes green tea extracts which are naturally rich in antioxidants, which help to protect skin from free radicals.

How I used it: after the shower, straight on my face. I figure as the pores are open due to the warm water this has "good idea" written all over it.

What I thought: The mask was nice, smelled a Little bit herbal, which was to be expected. I didn´t feel anything specific when using it. I can´t tell how well it helped against the free radicals ;-) Over all it was ok, but not really a "must have" mask.

The package ´says: Includes pomegranate extracts that help to smooth rough skin and tighten skin pores.

How I used it: Another one I used straight after the shower. I expected it to smell fruity, but it was rather herbal. My pores were indeed tightened and my Skin felt nice and smooth. It is not a bad mask, but I was so disappointed about it not smelling fruity. I have used so many masks now that it did not really stand out.

Syn Ake


The package says: Delivers elastacy and Nutrition to your Skin and keeps your Skin that gets rough always bright and smooth.

How I used it: I used it warmed up when I was taking a bath.

It is my understanding that Syn-Ake is synthetic faux snake venom. This sounds mighty strange! So, I figured I try it for the novelty value. The sheet mask smelled a Little bit flowery. I never took a sniff on a snake, but I imagine a snake pretty much smells of nothing. I actually really liked the mask. I felt a Little tingling so I figure it got my circulation going, I felt that my Skin absorbed it nicely and it didn´t even Need a Long time for the rest of the essence to be absorbed. Nothing sticky left on my face. I dare say it is among my faves so far. I would rate it on par with the Red Ginseng mask. I say: go for it!

The package ´says: Includes rubus coreanus fruit extracts that help to make skin supple while it cleans and moisturizes.

How I used it: I warmed it and applied it to my face. Laid on the Sofa, phoning and Relaxing

what I thought: I really like the fragrance. Raspberry with slightly herbal undertones. It felt very refreshing - highly recommeded especially for summer time. I really liked it a lot.Very moisturizing. The only downside.... I feel it is too rich for my Skin type. It´s been two hours since I had the mask on but my face is still rather sticky. Go for it if you have dry Skin.

Mung Bean

The package says: Includes phaseolus radiatus seed extracts that help to soothe rough and damaged skin, make skin smooth and soft while it cleans and moisturizes.

How I used it: In a nice hot bath. Previously I had given my face a good brushing with a face brush...

What I thought: At first my Skin was burning a Little, but it was due to the brushing. I thought a face brush and MIGHT got carried away a bit too much ;-) After 5 minutes or so I noticed how it calmed my Skin, the stinging feel completely gone. I felt how my Skin enjoyed the moisture and when I took it off my Skin looked wonderfully smooth and refreshed. Not stressed at all. I LOVE it. I will definately buy this again! Actually I went and bought a foam cleanser featuring mung bean, which tells how much I loved that one...

The package ´says: Includes Vitamin E that helps to protect Skin from the damage caused by free radicals while it cleans and moiturizes.

How I used it: Right after the shower.

What I thought: I LOVE the fragrance. It smells like some sort of orange Cookie dough. I really had to resist to lick over it! The essence was well absorbed. The Effect was similar to the Green Tea one but I prefer the Vitamin one cause it smells so divine! I´ll repurchase it. I don´t care about the effects as Long as I get to smell this delicious fragrance!

to be continued - whether you like it or not ;-)

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