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Mittwoch, 12. März 2014

Memebox - Lucky Box 1 unpacked

Hello everyone,
Honestly I have never suscribed to any sort of beauty box. I don´t know... It just never seemed to contain something I was interested in... It must have been late January when I first heard about a korean beauty box named "memebox". I than researched, saw many reviews and basically those boxes seemed to contain everything my little heart could desire. Lovely skin care products and some strange ones, too. With my latest interest in korean skin care I know one thing: I WANT THIS! So when memebox announced a "Lucky Box" containing the best of the former memeboxes I was on board! The box cost me 23 $ plus shipping and you get something around 5-8 full size or/and deluxe samples. I was following the tracking of my parcel closely and today, after travelling for only 7 days my Lucky Box arrived.... I was so excited when I picked it up! Hence mobile phone pictures will have to do the trick because I just wanted to rip everything open and play with it!
so pretty! I will keep the box
to put cute things in it!
Woah!!!! Product overflow!
8 products! The Face Lifting Mask, the Nuganic essene and the Gel Mist are even full size!
And a little description of what we have here... Click images to read...

First impressions:
1. CNP Laboratory Clensing Perfecta: This cleanser has the perfect size for travelling! I already KNOW i will take it along on y next journey to visit my family!

2. Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence: This is a serum supposed to refine pores and smoothing the skin texture. I allways have use for that! As I allways just use a few drops of essence this will last a long time. This is a full size item.

3. Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence: An anti-aging essence featuring red ginseng and herbal extracts. I have very good experiences with Ginseng Sheet masks so I am itching to try this.

4. Mamonde First Energy Serum: A serum for moisture and skin renewal. Personally I think one cannot have too many serums and essences. I like to switch between them so this is welcome as well. As a gimmic I found another small sample sachet of the serum and of a Mamonde CC cream in the packing. So YAY! I can first try the little sample sachet before hitting the bottle and if it doesn´t work for me I can just give it to someone else and it is completely unused.

5. Sep Face Lifting mask: This is a hydrogel mask. I am 33 and while I don´t really need something facelifting I never tried a hydrogel mask before. Excited to try it, but as it is 14 $ a mask (!!!) I will keep it for a very special occassion. It is an full size item.

6. Too cool for school Aqua Gel Mist: How cool is that??? (Well, too cool for school, you know;-) You are supposed to spray this over your face whenever your face feels "thirsty". This will probably be the greatest item for summer! I like to mist my face. currently I use witch hazel water, so the idea of having another option as well appeals to me. This is a full size item.

7. Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red: It´s ruby red and smells like cherries. Do I need to say more? Totally scores with me ;-)

8. Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream: This does not smell like cheese at all. Rather a refreshing flowery fragrance. I heard many girls praise it when it came out in a previous box and I really hoped it would be in the Lucky Box. I am a lucky girl now and can try it myself :-) Hurray!

Conclusion: I love EVERYTHING! I can´t wait to try out those things I just have NO IDEA with which I should start. I don´t want to do everything at once cause if my skin doesn´t like one of them it will be hard to find out which one it is... It is totally worth the money!

For the time beeing I preordered the upcoming boxes 8 - 13 so I should be set for the coming 6 months :-) The Memeboxes and Lucky Boxes cost 23 $ + 6,99$ for shipping and are available here. They also offer a service named Super Box where you can get a themes surprise package with full size products. Those range between 39,99 and 69,99 $.

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