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Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Memebox 9 - unboxed

Memebox 9
Hello everyone,

best news first: Memebox is shipping to many countries including Germany again! And they run a discount special where the countries recently added can get 5$ off every box they order. Bad news: My wallet will suffer. I already ordered the "Nature Box" ;-)

presently I am waiting for my Memebox 8 as DHL sent it back to Korea without notifying me that it has arrived to start with... HOWEVER my mood raised when I got my Memebox 9 today!!!!!

And it is a fabulous box! Ignore my crinkly pillow ;-)

Look at this! It´s full of products!

Description Cards

All the products at once
Products unpacked

 1. Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo 200 g (Full size would be 600g. Price: 90 €)
Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo will nourish your hair while moisturizing and sealing split ends.

What I think: I like trying a new shampoo, but at first sniff I am not too fond of the fragrance. It is rather perfum-y while I prefer sweet fragrances. But I will try it anyway and maybe it is so great I will change my mind? If not I am sure  will find someone who will love it.

2. LUNA Wonder Essential BB Foundation 15 ml in 'Nudy Beige 15ml (full size would be 40 ml Price: 35$)
This multitasking bb foundation cream formula with SPF 25 PA ++ moisturizes, primes and protects for flawless skin while it enhances your wrinkles

What I think: I can´t wait to try it! I swatched it on my hand earlier this evening and it was a perfect colour match. Actually I am quiete sure I will use it tomorrow, if I don´t forget that I have it (you can´t rely on me before my second tea ;-)Be  prepared for a review once i have thouroughly tested it.

The Gokmul Creamy Cleansing Mask
has a little booklet with it.
3. Jaminkyung Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque 100 ml (Full size! Price 45 $)
Look forward to a bright future, daily. Healthy rice grain nutrients designed for your skin! Reaching deep down, it fills up your skin with blooming nutrients! Gokmul Care contains rice grains, a propriety including a brightening agent and stabilized vitamins. Improve skin quality for a brighter more luminous complexion!
1. More than  a cleanser, more than a mask
2, Unclogs pores and remove black heads
3. Delivers intense hydration

What I think: I am a cleanser addict. As I have tons of cleansing foams it is great to have another kind of product. The Cleanser smells like rice crackers mixed with sate sauce. I really can´t describe it. This will be interesting. I love that it comes with it´s own spatula!

4. 25 cc Hairbooster 25 ml (Full size Prize 23$)
25cc Hairbooster is absolutely the best hair care system that will nourish your hair from the scalp and repair damaged hair and increases strength against breakage.

What I think: Sounds good! I will try that some time.

5. Savia Count Down 7 days EGF & Multi Peptide 5ml (Full Size! Price 30$)
EGF and Multi-Peptide ampoule will protect and prevent you from skin troubles and is an absolutely effective item for achieving the healthy and energetic skin tone.

What I think: Sounds fantastic! This is sure ranking in the top positions for thing i wanna try straight away! You can bet there will be a review sometime! Have to figure out how to put on the top part (as shown in the unpacked products picture) Based on it´s price i probably wouldn´t have bought it myself, so I am curious whether it´s worth the price.

6. Ellegirl I say Tint you say gloss 5 ml (Full Size. Price 23$)
I say tint you say gloss is a sheer ultra-moisturizing lip gloss with less thick texture that also give a lip tint feel to the gloss.

What I think: I got it in Vocal Red. Do I need to say more? Any Lip product in red = LOVE. I tried it this evening and it is a beautifull colour. Indeed, it doesn´t feel like a gloss at all. It feels like water on my lips. I really, really like it. This will join my lip tint from the Lucky Box 1 and tey will live happily ever after in my handbag!

7. Botanic Hill Boh Moist & Radiant Youth Ampule Essence  - size unknown (Full size 50 ml Price: 40$)
Botanic Hill Boh Moist & Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence is an anti aging essence that combines ampoule, essence and oil all at once.

What I think: Hurray for ampoules! I am completely unaware whether I am supposed to use both Essences together or separately, but I will just play around with them and see what happens (Or wait until other bloggers did and try to learn from their experience.

Conclusion: I love it! Can´t wait until I get MORE!!! (And get my Memebox 8 off course). If you want to buy a Memebox as well (they are quite a steal, costing only 23$ plus shipping) you should check them out here.

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