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Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Memebox - The Lucky Box 1 put to the test!

Hello everyone,
I took some time to actually really test most of the Memebox Lucky Box 1 products that I got thoroughly and this is what I thought:

Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence
Description: A lightweight gel that penetrates pores to control pimples and blackheads and helps rebalance your skin. Natural extracts and antioxidants repair damaged skin for a healthy youthful look.

What I think: The essence is rather liquid-y and quickly absorbs into the skin. One pump of the bottle was enough. It is indeed a really nice Essence and it made my skin feel really really nice and soft, however I felt that this feeling faded half way through the day. Over all it was ok, but I prefer a longer effect. I read that this essence is in the Lucky Box 1 Restock as well (which I have ordered, too. I will tell the story about that one once I get it) and I will probably give it to someone else as one bottle is really enough for me. I am sure I will use it up over time, but it just didn´t Wow me away, so I wouldn´t buy it on its own.

Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence
Description: Oriental medicine-concentrated essence helps to tighten the face by supplying nutrition. The extract from medical herbs that are boiled with water and mother chrysanthemum which helps make skin smooth and healthy by developing the nature of the skin.

What I think: WOW, this absorbs quick! My skin really seems to suck it up like nothing. The consistency of this essence is more like a gel, but more string-y to the touch, if that makes sense. A little amount (smaller than a pea) goes a loooong way. It is easy to apply and my skin really feels moisturized and plump. I LOVE this essence! Highly recommended!

Mamonde First Energy Serum
Description: The first serum that makes skin clear and revitalizes skin. Contains flower ingredients that every part of flower is fermented naturally with over 60 days. Help to prevent flaking due to dryness. Total care for skin texture + radiance + illumination + whitening.

What I think: On day 1 or 2 after using this I got a dry patch in my face. I was so disappointed, but I kept on using it and the patch was probably just a coincidence. Phew! Now I the Mamonde First Energy Serum every morning and my skin sure feels nice and looks nice, too. I think the claims of total care for skin texture, radiance, illumination and maybe even whitening are true (no guaranty on the whitening though – I am white as a sheet as it is). The texture is on the liquid side and really one pump will release enough product for your whole face. Highly recommended!

Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream
Description: A facial cream that has a very unique bounce texture from high concentration of milk serum. Milk serum, also known as Whey, is a good source of natural protein that perfectly hydrates and firms your skin.

What I think: This cream is too rich for my skin during day time. I can use it overnight time and it really does a nice job of moisturizing and softening but I will definitely wake up with a greasy face. I have night time moisturizers that I prefer over the cheese cream. This is such a pitty as I really was prepared to LOVE it and I previously read people raving about how great it is. I might went into this with too high expectations. It is also included in the Lucky Box 1 restock, so I will use up the one that I presently have, but I will give my restock one to my Mom I guess. The texture of this is really interesting as it indeed is like a melted cheese, however the fragrance is flowery. I recommend this cream if you have either dry skin or are still searching for the night moisturizer of your dreams.

Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red
Product Description: One of the best selling lip tints in Korea. It instantly gives vivid red color on your lips with a single touch. It creates a gradient lip known as the "Korean lip".

What I think: This lip tint quickly went on my stable for (almost) daily use. It is such a beautiful and flattering red. Now, I don´t do Korean gradient lips, but I like to apply it all over my lips in the morning. It dries quickly and gets a bit sticky, but I put a lip balm on top and it takes the stickiness away. The tint lasts until around lunch time when I eat in our Cafeteria, but that´s fine and I can just touch up after food. It is a very liquid tint, but the applicator is really nice so you can work with it very well. The tint itself has a sweet taste so if you accidentally lick your lips you won´t be grossed out. And I feel it doesn´t dry out my lips. Highly recommended!

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