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Freitag, 11. April 2014

Memebox Lucky Box 1 -Restocked - unpacked

Hello everyone,

back when the Memebox Lucky Box was announced it was promoted with the statement that no two Lucky Boxes will be the same. And by the time the Lucky Box restock was released I got the news that Memebox won´t ship to Germany anymore and I still had some memepoints. (UPDATE: They ship to Germany again. YAY! And to most countries they originally shipped to) So in I jumped into buying it as I didn´t know whether there would be any other boxes any time soon. Turned out there were, but i couldn´t cancel my order anymore. However SOME articles are different and you still totally get your moneys worth in my oppinion...

The repeats from Memebox Lucky Box #1: SEP Lifting Mask, Too cool for school gel mist, Nuganic pore control essence, TonyMoly Lip Tint and Dear by Enprani Cheese Bounce Cream
NEW in the restocked version: IOPE Bio Essence, Glory vegan nail polish and NoTS Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser

Description for the new items
 While the Nuganice Pore Essence and the Cheese Cream didn´t work for me that great I am happy with the other repeats. I have still to try the SEP mask as I didn´t dare to do so yet because it is so expensive (14$ for one), I love the lip tint and I appreciate the gel mist because I can leave one at work and keep one at home for summer refreshment.

The nail polish is a beautiful dark red with geolden-greenish sparkles (I will swatch it for a photo at some point!) and I think if give the choice I would have chosen exactly this one! Plus I am curious about it beeing vegan. i don´t think I ever used a vegan nail polish before. IT is a full size item.

The NoTS 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser is 60 ml big. Great for travelling and to get a real idea whether it is really good. The description says it reduces the appearance of pores and refines the skin tone and texture. Who wouldn´t want that!

The IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning is something I hoped for as I just love trying essences.it is just 18 ml but I am sure I will get an idea about it´s qualtiy when I try it.

Altogehter I am happy i got the restock anyway because I really have use for most of the things and the two I am not too fond of from the first Lucky Box 1 I can just give to someone else who will appreciate them :-)

presently I wait for Memebox 8 who seems to be on German ground since April 1st, but hasn´t made it to my place yet.... Already complained towards DHL, let´s hope I get it next week.

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