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Samstag, 26. April 2014

Mizon Snail Line Review (Snail Repair Cream, Recovery Gel, Eye Cream and BB Cream)

Hello everyone,

I started my experiment with Mizon Snail products with their cheapest product, the Snail Recovery Gel and loved it so much, that I went ahead and bought the Snail Repair Cream, the BB Cream and a little more later the Eye Cream.

I really swear by those now. The reason: It clears my skin beautifully and the products are a real moisture bomb.

The order of product use is the following: The Repair Cream is the first product you apply to the skin. It feels cooling and you really notice how it pumps moisture in your skin. The Repair Cream contains whooping 92 % of snail slime, but don´t worry, it smells of nothing and it is not sticky or disgusting in any way. It feels pretty much like most cream formulas. And a little goes a long way. I started using it end of January and there´s still enough to use it for 1-2 months. A pea-size of cream is all you need.

After this I apply a serum (presently during day time I use the Missha First Essence that I got in my Memebox Luckybox and in the evening time the Danahan Anti Aging Essence). I just purchased Mizon Snail Ampoule samples, but they haven´t arrived yet. Can´t wait to try them!

Than I apply the Snail Repair Eye Cream, which contains 80% snail slime to my eye area. Now it must be said that I didn´t find it much different from my other eye creams that I buy in drugstores, but the price it just around 5-6 € on ebay so I won´t complain. I expect the Dr. Jart Eye Serum in Lucky Box 2 and will try which results this gives me, but altogether the Mizon Snail Repair Cream is performing ok.

The next step is the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel which functions as sort of a sealer to keep all the moisture you just applied in your skin. It is a great pimple killer as well as it, well, helps the skin recover quicker. It has 74 % snail slime. The skin soaks it up pretty fast and ever since I used it I haven´t had one dry spot on my face. It´s fragrance free and you just need a pea-sized portion for your face.

The Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream is down to 45% snail slime. I have reviewed it before. It is a bit light on my skin, but I usually fix it with some Ben Nye Banana Powder on top.

I am completely conviced by the Mizon Snail line. It moisturizes and clears my skin. Pimples are around less longer as well. Only the eye cream could be a tad more effective than the ones I usually buy, but for the price it´s no deal breaker. I have the Mizon Snail foam cleanser, but I haven´t used it yet, as I have so many other foam cleansers in use that are still nowhere near to being used up. I look forward to trying it though.  And I look forward to the Mizon Snail Ampoule to complete the set.

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