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Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

My Makeup Revolution Haul

Hello everyone,

a new budget brand make up company has entered the scenery to start a revolution on inexpensive but phantastic make up projects and with a free shipping offer I just couldn´t resist.... The name of the company is... drum roll... Makeup Revolution.
the full order....
Palettes in "Iconic 3", "Romantic Smoked" and "Essential Mattes" from top to bottom
 The Iconic palettes are supposed to be dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes, so as I have supes for Naked 1-2 already I setttled for "Iconic 3" and love it so far. "Romantic Smoked" is a nice mixture of shimmering and matte eyeshadows in a mostly violet-ish rosewoodish colour range - something I don´t have much of so far, so I had to have it to play with it. "Essential Mattes" is an all matte palette ranigning from light highlighter colors to brown, rosewood and even an grey-colour thrown in. You sure can´t go wrong with that one for a nice daily make up look.

Awesome Eyeshadow and eyebrow Palette in "Lock and Loaded", Lipstick in "100% Vamp" and Salvation Velvet Lip Laquer in "Keep Flying for you"
 I was sceptical about the eye brow portion of "Lock and Loaded" because one of the brow powders is rather yellow and I have rather dark brows, but surprisingly it works. The palette has a few matte colours, but the majoritiy are beautifull metallic brown and emerald colours. This is really a true glamour look palette and I hope to use it often. The lipstick in "100% Vamp" turned out a bit darker than I expected. I am presently not sure whether I can rock it as I have rather thin-ish lips but I hope to find a way. There is no complaint about the quality. It has a nice texture and barely any fragrance so I will buy more of the Makeup revolution lippies in the long run. The Velvet Laquer is a nice pinkish-nude colour and I hope to play with it soon. As I am presently sick I don´t want to use it and infect it with my cold-bacterias. eeek. Over all I am happy with my haul and will extend my make up collection with some more pretty pieces over time. Presently i have my eyes on the lipsticks, mono eye-shadows, blusher and foundation (yeah, so basically on EVERYTHING). I might post swatches and pictures of me actually wearing the products once i am feeling better. presently i rather concentrate on staying in bed and getting well before travelling home for easter with the family...

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