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Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

In Bruges - My trip and skin care i found there

The Belfried of Bruges on a sunny day
Hello everyone,

Last month I went to Bruges/Belgium for a short vacation. Why? Because John and I saw the movie “In Bruges” and immediately decided that we NEED to go there due to it´s beautiful medieval architecture. However – two days before we found out that John has to jump in for someone who had gotten sick at work. We couldn´t change the hotel booking, so I went on our original booking date and John followed two days later with a new ticket (fortunately it is not very expensive to go to Bruges).

While I was there I also checked out the local drugstore (Kruidvart) and bought some stuff that I can´t get in Germany and this is what I got and what I think about it.

Freeman Avocado Clay Mask:
This is a great product, which really tightens pores and fights pimples, BUT there is a problem: It is fragranced so strongly, that my eyes always tear up when I have it on.  I really can only use it if I close my eyes the entire time. This sucks as otherwise it is a really great products!

Freeman Straberry Choclate Mask:
This mask is supposed to moisturize your skin and it does a great job at that. The fragrance is a bit off as the chocolate part of it smells a bit like old chocolate, but it works so great that I don´t care so much.

Freeman Pineapple Enzyme Mask:
Wonderfull! It is a gel mask that has a wonderful pineapple fragrance. I apply it to my face, leave it on for 10 minutes and once I wash it off I have a wonderfully soft skin.

Altogether: I really love the Freeman masks and would love to purchase more, BUT I just can´t find them in Germany. And on ebay I can´t get them unless I pay at least like 17 $ for shipping. Not reasonable for me :-( So if anyone knows a online-store shipping to Germany for a FAIR shipping price I would be gratefull if you let me know! 

Garnier Micell Water:
Actually I had read somewhere in the internet that one can get Bioderma Micell water in Belgium, but I failed to find any. I had once tried Micell Water from Vichy before, but it broke me out, so when I saw Micell Water by Garnier and it was offered cheaper due to a drugstore special I took it along and I haven´t regretted it. It cleanses so so well! Remember the Endtme Project Photo? I put red eyeshadow all over my forehead for that one and I only needed 3 cotton pads to remove it off my entire face. I really, really hope we will get this great product in Germany as my bottle is half empty already.

And I bet you would love to see some beautiful Bruges photos now!

The food was so delicious! So many different cakes! I had my fair share of Belgian fries and Waffles as well - in fact the first thing I did on day 1 was to go to the Belfried and eat some fries there, followed by by Salvador Dali exibition where I had my first bite of belgian choclate ;-) Believe me, you really want to visit the Belgian tea rooms for breakfast, lunch and cake... In particular the "Gingerbread" Tearoom as their entire stuff is lovely and their food is fantastic. But really, most tea rooms are rather nice!

 Off course there are many maaaaany choclate store around in Bruges, on the picture below you just see one of the DOZENS in Bruges. And every piece of choclate I tried was exquisite!

 I went to the choclate museum on day 2, because John isn´t so fond of choclate so I figured I do it while he´s still in Neuss. I learned a lot about choclate, got to try some choclate, saw a demonstration on how to make pralinés and I took photos of a ton of beautifull choclate boxes. Those are only a few!

And those are made of choclate!!!

I went to the Groeninge Museum, too, to look at the paintings there, but it was forbidden to take photos there. So instead here are a few more photos of Bruges
The Market Place
Picture taken at a boat trip
(highly recommended!)

Easily the most beautiful florist shop I ever saw!
We finally found swans at Minnewater. The swans are in Bruge to remind of a man named "Langhals" (which is "long neck" in English) who was killed in front of an emperor. As the emperor was his friend he ordered that Bruges must have swans until the end of time to remember what happened to his friend. We had a hard time finding swans - until we got to Minnewater :-D
We attempted to take a photo with a swan in the background.
And off course we needed to see the windmills
Altogether I can totally recommend to go to Bruges. It consists of more than 90% medieval houses so basically every corner you go to is beautiful. Even if you go lost you don´t feel lost, you just feel like you are extending your excursition!

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