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Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Memebox #8 and Superbox #10 Snail - unboxed

Hello everyone,

my name is Sari, I am 33 years old and I have an addiction problem... However, I rarely drink, I never smoked (but once when I was like 6 years old - don´t ask) and I have never taken any drugs. At some point I had to develop any kind of addiction...

You know you have an addiction when you keep track of your Memeboxes in a Word-File
So, today I got a delivery of 4 Memebox boxes. Now, just to give you a heads up: Memebox is an amazing korean beauty box service which does regular boxes with sample sizes, deluxe samples sizes and a few full size products which most of the time are wayyyyy higher volume than the 23 $ you pay for an actual box (Memeboxes), Special Editions  (Memeboxes dedicated to a specific topic such as nature, office essentials, make up etc), Luckyboxes (a "best off" from past Memeboxes), Nakedboxes (sort of a memebox where you can see what you will get, whereas any other box by Memebox is an surprise), Colorboxes (well, as the name says they are colourthemed), Scentboxes (self-explainatory) and last but not least Superboxes (the most expensive box, which features only fully size products). Memebox delivers to most countries. If it doesn´t ship to yours I recommend to suscribe to their email-newsletter because they keep on opening for new destinations!

Do, today I got 4 boxes at ONCE. I hadn´t ordered for everything to arrive at once on purpose, it just happened.   The boxes displayed above are Memebox "by Nature", Luckybox 5, Memebox 8 and Superbox 10 "snail". I have pre-ordered all "usual" Memeboxes from #8 - 16, I bought the "From Nature" Memebox because I have a soft spot for natural products, the Luckybox 5 I got because I had Memepoints (sometimes Memebox gives you points that you can use to get boxes cheaper) and the Snail box? Well, I love the Mizon Snail Line, so this was in my shopping cart without even a second thought!

I think I will unbox two boxes today and the other two tomorrow or at least in the next few days. Lean back and enjoy the review ;-)

Memebox 8 (Price: 23$ plus 6,99$ Shipping) - presently sold out, but occassionally boxes are beeing re-issued, also, you can pre-order the Memebox #14-16 bundle at the moment and just pay the shipping for one of the boxes.

My Memebox 8 had a loooong journey... At first DHL did not inform me that they had the parcel - and sent it back to Korea. Bummer! The kind people at Memebox tried to make up for me not getting the parcel and send it by Express Shipping. Express Shipping however caused that customs sent it back and forth from their office in Düsseldorf to their office in Frankfurt. Several times. I can´t really re-call how many times I sent all data about my Memebox 8 to customs offices. I know for sure I sent 2 faxes and 4 emails to DHL, kept on posting on their Facebook site and got a very unfriendly call from customs office in Neuss in order to receive my stuff. So roughly 2 months after the original shipping I got my Memebox 8 (and they must have thrown it around in the post-office because some of the kaviar oil spilled. ARGH. But now it is here. Hurray! I keep it short and sweet with this one, as it has been reviewed over and over already. You can read the box details on the description card photos.

1. Flower Men Energy Factory Moist Boosting Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid: $4.00

What I think: I love sheet masks and I think the packaging is funny. Come on it is Psy! How much more campy can it get :-) Probably my need for moisture and my love for funny packaging will fight with each other on whether I should use it or keep in in my mask sheet stash for an occasional giggle.

2. Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo: $6.76

What I think: Another shampoo. However as the Kerasys shampoo in Memebox 9 surprised me so positively I am more excited to get another shampoo this time around and will test it happily.

3. Tonymoly BCDATION SPF30 PA plus pouch sample: $12.96

What I think: A mixture of bb cream, cc cream and foundation functions? Hell yes! However it is in “pinky beige” which probably won´t fit my skin as I am having a rather yellowish undertone. But maybe this is something my trusty Ben Nye Banana Powder can even out. Watch this space for a review.

4. Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack: $9.80

What I think: Considering one is supposed to use sleeping packs only 1-2 times a week this is a perfect size for a sleeping pack. Presently I only have sample foils of sleeping packs as I am scared a full jar would spoil as I´d need a year or something to use it up.  I got another of this sleeping packs in my Nakedbox a few days ago and the first try went really well. So it´s great I got a back up now!

5. Secret Key Snow White Cream: $21.00 FULL SIZE

What I think: I am white as a sheet as it is, but I will give it a try. If it is too much on my face I already plan to use it on my upper arms as I have some red veins there that bother me and could do with some toning down.

6. Max Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Foam Cleanser: $73.00 FULL SIZE

What I think: To be the absolute star of the box! Let me tell you why: I don´t have a proper cleansing oil yet. They are just not that popular in Germany yet. Presently I oil-cleanse with a multi-purpose oil and I feel I can definitely get better results using something else. The “something else” will become the Max Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Foam Cleanser. I really look forward to this!

Altogether: A great box. I only hope the bcdation is not too pink for my skin, but even if it is: I´m sure I will find a taker!

Superbox #10 "Snail" (Price 32$ plus 6,99$ Shipping) - Sold out, but Snail Box 2 is available in the Superbox Section

1.Wrinkle Snail System Cream 50 ml (18$)
The Skin House is a Korean brand famous for its products made from 100% pure incredients from nature. The replenishing and nourishing snail cream is the ultimate solution to both non-elastic, saggy skin and rough dry skin. It will help maintain a high moisture level for 24 hours long and also restore skin elasticity and youthful glow
What I think:
Perfect timing! I just ran out of my big jar of Mizon Snail repair cream (which lasted me 4 months, by the way) and while I bought myself a new portion of the cream (this time in a little tube as it is just more practical and more hygienic) I am happy to try another one and see how it goes. In terms of size to price ratio it is a bit more expensive than Mizon which has around the same price for 75g.

2. Pure Smile None-Silicon Snail Treatment 250 g (16$)
Generally there´s silicone included in most shampoos and treatments to give an instant shine to your hair. However it´s effects are only short-lasting and detrimal to healthy hair because it creates a glossy silicone layer which prevents absorbance of any nutrition into your hair. This non-silicon hair treatment is enriched with snail slime extracts which help maintain the right moisture/oil balance and deeply nourishes dry, damaged hair for a shinier, youthful texture

What I think: Wow, that´s a super-generous amount and while I am usually not the big hair stuff fan, the fact that it had snail slime in it helps to excite me about it. After all it works great on my skin, why not put it on my hair as well?

3. Elensilia EGF Renovage Youth Activating eye cream 25g (89$)
The EGF Renovage technology system utililized in the eye cream is the ultimate formula for delaying, repairing and stopping signs of aging and damage on your skin. It will noticeable nullify wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes.

What I think:
This is almost 10 times the price of my Mizon snail eye cream. As the Mizon eye cream was ok, but didn´t do like THAT much I am curious to try the more expensive snail eye cream and see whether it makes any difference. I would never buy such an expensive eye cream on my own, so I appreciate that I get to test this one.

4. DKDN Snail Recover Intensive Serum 30ml (33$)
Snails are know to quickly heal themselfes when their skin or shell is damaged. This Snail Recover Intensive Serum is consisted of 93%pure extract from such healing property of snails. It will work to nourish, moisturize and brighten up your dull elastic-lost skin, overall improving the skin condition for a more translucent, glowing texture

What I think: So far I just had the Mizon Snail Repair Ampoule serum as trial foil sizes and sort of hesitated to buy the full version. I have no idea why, to be honest as the few times I used it so far I liked it, it just didn´t do anything Va-Va-Voom. So now Iam happy that I can keep my sample foils for travelling and have an actual serum bottle for at home. For me this is a double win.

5. Dewytree Snail Vitalising Mask Sheet 25g (3$)
This vitalising mask is packed with snail slime extracts amd it´s regenerative properties will bring deep nutrition and replenishing relief to your tired, aging skin

What I think: Total Mask sheet fan and one of the first sheet masks I actually tried was a snail maks sheet (from Vanedo though). Yay for mask sheets!

Overall: I am very happy with this Superbox. I get to try cool new brands and to compare them with my Mizon Snail stuff. The hair product surprised me (I didn´t know there are snail hair products) and I am sort of happy that it didn´t include nail lip masks (cause I have seen those before, but my love for snails is not going SO far that I would put one on my mouth. It was my first Superbox because usually the Memeboxes are enough for me, but I couldn´t resist a SNAIL themed one ;-)

The big question is: Which product should I try first???? HELP!!!! Or... comment with an suggestion ;-)

In the month of June you can save money on boxes the following ways:

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If you sign up for the first time to Memebox you will get 10 Memepoints in your account which are valued as 10$. Make sure to use the points before you check out if you wish to use them straight away.

Use the Code “MEMEBUNDLE3” to get additional 5$ off if buying 3 or more Memeboxes at once.

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