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Freitag, 9. Mai 2014

Memebox #9 Product Reviews (with two Luckybox items mixed in)

Hello everyone,

Presently I have so so many memeboxes and it takes a while to test the things in them properly. I´ll tell you why: I don´t want to base a review on using a product once. Instead I integrate it in my skin care/hair care routine for a while to see results/find out whether it breaks me out. I don´t want to do half-assed reviews, additionally I don´t want to have 10 barely used cream pots standing around in my bathroom.

So here are my honest reviews :- )

Memebox #9

Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo 200 g (Full size would be 600g. Price: 90 €)
Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo will nourish your hair while moisturizing and sealing split ends.

Review: This was the biggest surprise to me. I didn´t like the kind of fragrance, but it delivers great results. I am not allergic to it (very important cause some shampoos just don´t work for me) and my hair looks wonderful whenever I use it. The fragrance doesn´t linger around too long, so it is fine with me. I will keep this shampoo in my hair-wash rotation :- )

LUNA Wonder Essential BB Foundation 15 ml in 'Nudy Beige 15ml (full size would be 40 ml Price: 35$)
This multitasking bb foundation cream formula with SPF 25 PA ++ moisturizes, primes and protects for flawless skin while it enhances your wrinkles

Review: It is a nice BB cream, but the coverage is rather light and it is getting less and less cover during the day. I admit it moisturizes nicely, but unless I have a very damn good skin day I can´t use it. I will probably pass it on to someone else at some point.

25 cc Hairbooster 25 ml (Full size Prize 23$)
25cc Hairbooster is absolutely the best hair care system that will nourish your hair from the scalp and repair damaged hair and increases strength against breakage.

Review: It is fun to use due to the syringe and it gives a great volume to my hair. It delivers great effects combined with the Kerasys shampoo – I haven´t tried it combined with other shapoos yet. I really like it and will keep it in my hair wash rotation.

Savia Count Down 7 days EGF & Multi Peptide 5ml (Full Size! Price 30$)
EGF and Multi-Peptide ampoule will protect and prevent you from skin troubles and is an absolutely effective item for achieving the healthy and energetic skin tone.

Review: I started off using it on top of my Mizon Snail Cream, but that didn´t seem to do much. Now I use it before the cream and get fantastic results. 2, at most 3 drops are enough for your entire face and the little ampoule lasts decidedly longer than just 7 days. I have been using it it morning and evening for 2 weeks now and there is still plenty of it in there. It smells a bit like pin wood which reminds me of a bath-essence I was being bathed in as a child so this is an extra plus!  

Luckybox #2

Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum 15 ml (full size! Price: 38$)
Offering intense care to the sensitive eye contour area, this eye serum was made from a complex of 7 vitamins, A, B3, B5, C, E, H and F. This capsulized, stabilized vitamin complex brightens the skin and gets rid of any dark circles.

Review: It is a really nice serum and it brightens indeed. I don´t have super dark circles actually so I can´t tell about how much they improve those. It takes a little long to absorb though, despite me taking the tiniest amount of serum, but I can live with that.

Luckybox #1 & Luckybox #1 restocked

Too cool for school Aqua Gel Mist 100 ml (full size! Price 12$)
This is a refreshing gel spray at you can use whenever your skin feels thirsty.

Review: It is a really nice and refreshing mist. I can highly recommend it for days when it is warm or you are feeling tired. A little spritz will pick you up for sure. 

I figured I do a little list of Memeboxes I am still expecting so you have an idea what will be unpacked and reviewed in the near future. Curently on my list are:

Memebox #8 (DHL screwed up with that one, so it had to be re-send to me, in case you wonder why I had #9 before 8)
Memebox #10-13
Memebox "from Nature"
Memebox Superbox #10 "Snail"
Nakedbox 14 (Nakedbox is a new kind of box were you see what you will actually get. I´ve been envying everyone who got the slowganic cleansers and i really want to try the BB Cream as well plus I like the rest of things that will be in the box)

All Memeboxes are available here.

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