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Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

Memebox "From Nature" - unboxed

Hello everyone,

let´s hop into the next edition of Memebox - unboxed!!!

Memebox from Nature Price was 39$ + 6,99$ Shipping - this Memebox is presently still available! Act fast if you are interested in one! If you wish to save money on this box purchase it via this link and 3$ will be automatically taken off at the Check Out.

 When I heard about a Memebox with all natural inrediences I was totally on board. Though, coming to think of it, korean products are high on natural incrediences and many products highlight that they don´t contain any harmful things. But anyway. I NEEDED to have it :-)


1.SN-T Goddess Cream 50 ml (Price 19$)
The Goddess Cream not only reinforces natural skin hydration, it revitalizesand smoothes troubled skin. SN-T´s non greasy formula made with madecassic efficiently clears breakouts, improves skin tone and protects skin from impurities.

What I think: For a long long time I was soooo jealous of everyone who got a sample of this back in the day before I had discovered memebox and now I have a big jar on my own! I am so so happy and can´t wait to give it a try! Goddess skin, here I come ;-)

2.Dewytree Tea Tree Blemish Solution Mask 2 Masks (Price 6$)
Packed with tea tree leaf extracts, aloe vera, pantented golden larch bark extracts. This cooling mask sheet hydrates, calms, repairs and clarifies your skin and in general enhances the skins natural healing capability.

What I think: I always love a sheet mask! I am even happier I get two!

3.Lanoa Natural Soap Sulfur 100g (17$)
Description: The all natural soap bar made from sulfor, shea butter and lavender concentrations which are extremely gentle and effective for curing sensitive skin with a low level of elasticity.

What I think: I never used sulphur before or a soap bar for my face, but I am eager to try!

4. Ramosu 100% Propolis Extract Ampoule 10ml (20$)

What I think: I just ran out of my Savia Ampoul from Memebox 9 so Iam happy to have a new one. I like to use honey as a face mask, so I am sure Propolis will work very well with my skin

5. Swanicoco Cell Emotion Snail Gommage Peeling Gel- 100ml  Improves skins elasticity, reduces appearance of pores, clears blackheads.

What I think: This is totally up my alley as I love my Mizon Snail products. I appreciate the chance to use a snail product from another brand. I can´t imagine how peeling with snail slime goes, but I am sure it´ll be fun ;-)

6. Moongkide Nutrition Intensive Repair System- 25g x2  For your hair and scalp.  With argan oil, jojoba oil and chamomile extract.  Apply after shampooing then rinse.

What I think: I will make sure to try that one. After all I really like Argan oil in hair products!

Overall: A really nice box! The Goddess Cream is a nice surprise, sheet masks always welcome, Sulfur Soap sort of experimental, Snail peeling sounds strange but interesting and I might really start to appreciate korean hair stuff :-) This is an absolute winner!!! You better buy one straight away if you like natural skin care products!

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If you wish to save money on one of the following boxes purchase them via this link and 3$ will be automatically taken off at the Check Out:  

Memebox from Nature
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