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Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

Memebox - Nakedbox #14 unpacked

Hello everyone,
I ordered myself Memebox Nakedbox 14 because I had some extra points and liked what was in there. Now I first should explain you the difference between a Memebox and a Nakedbox before you think I bought something naughty. The Memebox is filled with filled with surprise products in sample and deluxe sample sizes, when buying the Nakedbox you actually see in advance what you will get and can choose the right box for you accordingly. The price is 23$ plus shipping, just like the Memeboxes. It also takes a less shorter time till the Nakedboxes are beeing posted (few days, while you can order Memeboxes waaaaaay in advance). Unfortunately the item which was my main reason to buy it, the Dr. G Total Active Dual BB Cream with SPF 50+, was replaced with another one which really disappointed me. I have never been disappointed by a Memebox before, so I hope that´s just a one time slip from their usual quality.
1.Dr.G Bling Bling BB Cream SPF 35 PA++

Gowoonesang´s Beyoung Young line is a specialised line for young generations aged from 15 to 20´s, who have been suffering from unsuitable cosmetics for adult. Rebirthing young skin trough protection from free radicals, UV ras, pollution and dry air. Experience the difference beyong confidence.
BB Cream
Spread out
What I think: As a 33 year old woman I feel this is totally off target for me. I wouldn´t have minded if this would have been in a ordinary Memebox, but as it was advertised that the Naked Box would have the Dr. G Total Active Dual BB Cream I am deeply disappointed. I had gone ahead and read dozens of reviews for that cream and watched tons of youtube video reviews and got all excited. I will try to give it a fair chance anyway, but the first swatch proofs it to be too pink-toned and slightly too dark for my skin. I´ll see whether I can neutralize this with my Ben Nye Banana Powder. I will try it tomorrow and see how that goes. I think I will stick to Memeboxes and Luckyboxes now (and maybe an occasional Superbox) and don´t try a Nakedbox again, because with a Memebox everything is a happy surprise. With a Nakedbox you end up disappointed if the item you really, really wanted turns out not to be in the box. Well, luckily the other items I wanted were in the box, so it´s not a total miss for me.

UPDATE: I have tried the BB Cream now and actually I LOVE IT A LOT!  Once I blend it, it actually doesn´t look as dark anymore and it doesn´t fade during the day! Highly recommended!
Out of the Box!
2. HEART FACE Pore Care Sleeping Pack 20ml

Made from wild grass extract, aloe vera and natural yeast, this ultra, easy-to-use sleep mask clears pores, soothes troubled areas, and rehydrates your skin while you sleep. Wake up radiant and lively—talk about beauty sleep!
What I think: This will be a double from my Memebox 8 (if it ever arrives, DHL still enjoys to send it back and forth between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt for whatever reason. I might post the tracking report here once I actually get it) and depending how much I like it I might give the spare one to my Mom or keep it. We´ll see :-)
3. RECIPE BY NATURE Slowganic Cleanser- Lemon & Green Tea & Adlay (Full-size Product)

Slowganic stands for slow, raw and organic. This cleanser is made with organic raw materials, such as lemon extract, lime oil and herbs. Slowganic cleanser instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture.
What I think: I was so sooo jealous when I saw this in a previous Memebox. Now I am getting them myself. I can´t wait to try it and I am curious how the texture of this cleanser is like! It was one of the really strong buying points of the Nakedbox, straight after the Dr. G BB Cream that I didn´t get.
The products without their packaging
4. LJH Dr's Care Vita Propolis Ampoule 15ml (Full-size Products)

Bring out the natural luminosity of your skin with this unique combination of propolis, vitamin extracts, and witch hazel. A natural blend of beeswax and resin collected from the buds of conifer and poplar trees, propolis has been used for centuries to treat wounds and burns with its germicidal properties. LJH Dr.’s Care Vita Propolis Ampoule smoothes, hydrates, and illuminates your skin without the stickiness. This product is dermatologist-tested and suitable for sensitive skin.
What I think: Sounds like a fab products that I´ll have use for. I know another propolis ampoule is in my “Memebox from Nature” Box and I look forward to try them both. I might start to try it tonight already!

5. Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red 1.5ml
One of the bestselling lip tint in Korea. It instantly gives vivid red color on your lip with single touch. It creates a gradient lip known as "Korean Lip".

What I think: I like the tint, but I have 2 of it already. Would be nice if they throw in another color sometime.
I should tell you, that I gave in and ordered even more Memboxes for myself. The Bundle for Memebox 14-16 and the Memeboxes "Whole Grain" and "Oriental medicine" as they had another special going on. That´s the great thing about Memebox. There are special offers very often! They have a few cool new Summer-Superboxes right now, but I try to hold back as I already get so much in a near future...

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