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Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

Hello everyone,

I have looooooooads of BB Creams by now (thanks to me buying them myself and ocassionally getting them in my Memeboxes) so I was telling myself for a while that I don´t need to try and buy a BB Cushion. Iam happy that in the end I broke down and bought one anyway because I´ve been using it for two days now and LOVE it.

For a short break down on what an Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion BB Cream looks like and how you apply it I recommend this short video:

For additional information the little box it comes in says the following:

"This cushion pact perfects all-day radiant and moise skin with it´s multi-function of brightening, wrinkle reducing, sebum control and flawless coverage."

The Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion unpacked:

Let´s open the case....

The Cushion comes in a cute pearlescent little plastic compact, so it is actually easy to throw it into your handbag in case you need to do touch ups. On day one of using it I did exactly that - only to find out that it lasts to well on my face that I don´t need to do touch ups at ALL. And I have combination skin which usually makes it tough for everything to stay on my nose and chin area.:-D For the record it remained near to perfect for over 8 hours.

Once you open the case you will find the little puff to apply your cream and a handy mirror in the top section. Once you remove the top section you will find the cushion sponge soaked with BB Cream which is sealed with a little sticker when you use it for the first time. As you use the little air puff that comes with the cream it is really hard to over apply the cream.

The BB Cream comes in two shades, I chose W13 "Natural Beige"and it is a perfect match for my skin. When I first got it I put some of it on my hand and asked John whether he can spot where I applied something. He couldn´t. On the other hand the coverage is good as well. 

I took a comparision photo featuring the only freckle I posess. Let´s call it "Herbert".

Meet Herbert the freckle. Herbert is an only child freckle living on my left hand.
Herbert agreed to participate in my little magic trick. 
One dab of Etude House Any Cushion later Herbert disappeared and you can tell that my skin appears smoother. No freckles were harmed during this trick!
So... in short. This BB Cream has a SPF 50+ PA+++, it smoothes out, matches my skin perfectly, doesn´t make me break out, covers small imperfections (ok, honestly I think freckles are cute and no imperfection, but you get the idea) and lasts for an entire work day! For me it is just perfect! This will be my summer BB Cream!

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