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Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Makeup Revolution Palette Swatches (Iconic 3, Romantic Smoked, Essential Mattes, Lock & Load)

Hello everyone,

I had an accident yesterday and had to stay home today because i have to lay still and cool my left knee (accident might sound more dramatic that it was: I slipped on a piece of fruit when leaving a fruit store, did a 360 degree turn as to not bump into the watermelons, almost crushed into the cherry boxes instead and BANG fell on my knee. This probably sounds funny, it sure looked funny, but it hurts like hell!) so while laying around home I finally got around to swatch my Makeup Revolution palettes. Just in time- as they just came out with new ones. New ones that I would love to get SO DAMN MUCH. Oh well, we´ll see what happens as the month proceeds ;-)

All swatches are made without primer.

Meet "Iconic 3"!

I read that this is a dupe for the  Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. As you can see in the full shot it is well-used already ;-)

Meet "Romantic Smoked"!

Please note that you can´t see the first shade because it is exactly the color of my skin which is crazy, but true. I can assure you: It´s there! It is a nice palette, but not as pigmented as "Iconic 3".

Meet "Essential Mattes"!

A beautiful and subtle all matte palette. The Pigmentation is better than the "Ever After Matte" Palette from MUA. Overall a good basic everyone should have for a natural look.

Meet "Lock & Load"!

This palette features 14 eyeshadows and two matte brow powders. Look at those colors, look at the pigmentation!. The shadows are so beautiful. This is my fave among the palettes. 

I really would love to try the new concealer palettes, blush palettes and the Salvation Eye Shadow Palettes! But they will have to wait a little till I can run and buy them

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