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Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

Memebox #10 - unboxed

Hello everyone,
I hope you don´t get to bored with my unboxings :-) I got my Memebox 10 yesterday and off course wanted to share what I found in there... In June I will receive my Memebox 11 and in July Memebox 12 and the Milk, Oriental Medicine and Whole Grain Boxes, so it will calm down a litte (unless, off course, they bring up a super offer which I can´t resist)

Memebox 10 is currently sold out, but Memebox 12 and 14 are still available.

So let´s see what we find here!

1.Atopalm Mosturizing Eye Repar Serum 15ml (full size! Prize 49$)
Atopalm Eye Repair Serum is gentle, paraben-free eye serum, designed to fight visible signs of aging around your eyes. Formulated with Atopalm´s patented MLE technology, this special serum is able to mimic the skin´s natural lipids, bringing optimal hydration to your skin without any risk of future dryness. With consistent use, this eye serum will moisturize and protect the skin, creating an overall brighter and more youthful complexion.
What I think: An eyecream/serum is really something everyone should have, so this is a great item to have. I guess I will compare it with my Dr. Jart V7 eye serum and see which one I like better.
2. Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black mask – 30g (full size! Price 4$)
Mainly composed of ginseng and ginkgo leaf extracts, this Dewytree black mask will bring deep nourishment and relaxation to your exhausted skin, soothing , brightening and tightening at the same time.
What I think: I like ginseng for my masks and skincare (not for drinking though. I bought two ginseng drinks in a Japanese supermarket and just couldn´t bring myself to drink them. The Ginseng is a skin only love affair) so this will probably be another nice ginseng experience for me.
3. Caolion Mool Pool Cleansing – 75 ml (full size! Price 19$)
There is no need for a double cleansing routine anymore with our Mool Pool Deep Cleansing. This oil free, gentle-to-skin cleanser cleanses by melting even the most waterproof makeup whether it´d be your eyeliner, foundation or lipstick. Plus, it´s damaging to your skin to use multiple cleansing products one after another.
What I think: I am excited to try it and to find out whether it´s claims are true. My waterproof Essence Liquid ink eyeliner is really hard to get off, you know ;-)
4. Mise en scene curling essence 2x – 150 ml (full size! Prize 14$)
Enriched with Argan oil and cheddar wood oil, this two-in-one hair essence provides deep nutrition and helps define your curls all at once. It will instantly make your sagging curls bounce with luster and elasticity.
What I think: My hair is dead straight if I don´t do a wet  set or get out my curling iron, but I will give it a try anyway. If it doesn´t do anything for my hair I will pass it on to someone else.
5. Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB SPF 30PA++ - 5ml (25 ml cost 45$)
Hanskin´s famous Royal Ampoule BB Cream is packed with rich nutrition from royal jelly extract and it glides over your skin when applied, leaving a visibly silkier, brightened complexion.
What I think: I love the description and it sounds extremely, but 5 ml seem a very small amount. I guess I will just test and see how effective it is and how much one needs to put it on the entire face.
6. Drww Multi Action Smart Cream Gel – 70 ml (full size! Price: 59$)
A truly smart cream containing mineral rich water from coral reefs, portulaca and green tea extracts, this multi functional cream will deeply soothe and nourish tired, damaged skin. It´s basically a moisturizing cream and a whitening + anti aging essence combined together to bring back a healthy, translucent glow to your skin.
What I think: Oh yes, my skin is going to love this. I intend to thin out my skin care routine once it is getting really hot and this seems to be a good combination for summer time. I really like the generous size as well!!

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