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Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

Memebox #11 - unboxed

Hello everyone,
Decidedly earlier than I thought I received my Memebox 11. And well, yes, you have to get through another unboxing now ;-) But it´ll be the last one for June, I promise. (Unless the rumours are true and the Milk, Whole Grain and Oriental Medicine Boxes are mailed out already. Anyway, this is not because Memebox and I are affiliates now, it is because I just ordered so many boxes. Neither of the boxes were given to me for free. Just thought I make it clear, before anyone wonders ;-) I read that someone already received the shipping data. So in case I receive them early I guess I will unbox them anyway, but probably do one post for all or something). Anyway, let´s hop to the box.

Memebox 11 costs 23$ plus 6,99$ shipping, but is currently sold out.  You can buy Memebox 12 and 13
here though. Sometimes they will re-release boxes, so keep your eyes peeled. If you sign up on their site you can get 10 Memepoints, which equals 10$ off on your first purchase. If you buy 3 Memeboxes you can use the code "MEMEBUNDLE3" and get 5$ off or you buy 5 items (includes boxes or anything from the memeshop and get 10% off with the code "10%OFF".


1.   Dear by Enprani Believe in a bottle Moistfull Booskin  65 ml (full size 120 ml, Price 31$)
Booskin is a word made from combining “booster” and “skin toner”. Without the need for a separate toner and a first essence this smart Booskin will relieve your skin with deep hydration and nourishment, boosting up the effects of skin care to it´s maximum.
What I think: First of all, I guess I am not the only one trying out which other words you could do combining “booster” and “skin toner”. I got “booner”, “tonster”, “skinster” and “skiner” so yeah, Booskin is probably the best name ;-). Second: Iam happy to get a new product that I don´t have in my stash yet. I have a few Korean toner testers (couldn´t settle for one yet) and I have essences, but I am not sure whether “normal” essences are really meant when they refer to boosters. Asian skin care can be so confusing :-D So I am happy I get to try this product! And it is such a convenient size to properly try it out as well – and that it is such a rather popular brand as Enprani. Yes, I want to believe in a bottle. And this will be a nice combo product for hot days. I heard Monday will be 37°C so that´s the perfect heat to try a more winded down beauty routine.
2.       Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City 10ml (Full size 30ml, Price 30$)
Delivering abundant nutrition and moisture to your skin for an egg smooth texture, this multi-functional CC cream will brighten up your complexion, protect from the sun and take care of signs of aging as well.
What I think: This is the box of hilarious names I think. First of all, just like when I received their gel mist I must remark that I love the brand name “Too Cool For School” because I work in one. Which makes it sort of an insider joke just for myself. Than, they randomly insert a German word “Dinoplatz”, which would translate to Dinosaur place. And… Instead of calling it a “CC Cream”, they call it “Cinema City”! EPIC NAME! Lately I have gotten curious about CC Creams, so this is a great product for me. So far I only used Etude House CC Cream in “Silky” as I got some samples in various deliveries and only yesterday I got an Elishacoy “Alyways Nuddy” CC Cream sample so you can imagine how happy I am to experiment with them. Maybe I´ll write and review about them. Hurray, hurray, something to play!
3.       Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set (3 piece nail polish set in “Gold Shine”) – full size
Hope Girl´s professional quality nail laquers are densely pigmented, quick drying and super long lasting. The results are unique camera ready nails just moments after application.
What I think: I adore the cute leopard-style packaging it comes in. Gold Shine probably wouldn´t have been my choice of colour, but I am happy anyway as they will make nice summer polishes. It is my understanding that they are made for gradation style nails and I have never done that before. I will try it out now and let you know what I think.
     4.       Witch´s Pouch radiant Lolli Tint #3 Funky Bloom 2,5g (Full size 4,5g, Price 14$)
This moist full lip tint will plump your lips for a more radiant, younger look.
What I think: Where should I start? The packaging is so cute I almost squealed when I saw it. When I opened it I almost squealed again because it is such a gorgeous pink colour.  And well, I can need some plumping and young look for my lips any time. Will try it and it is sure to become one of my handbag staples.
5.       Illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion 100ml (Full size 350 ml, Price 24$)
This gentle re-hydrating body lotion can be used both on your face and your body. It will glide iver your skin without being sticky and deeply replenish your dry, damaged skin texture.
What I think: A nice trial size. It smells really good like lemon (that´s always a plus with me. I love lemon fragrances). But if you apply it it dries to a rather dry finish. Hmmm… I guess it is not a winter Body Lotion. Maybe the dry finish means that it will be absorbing sweat better than a more moist lotion? I will experiment with it.
6.       Illi Green Tea Brightening Mask (Full Size, Price 3$)
This 100% cotton mask drenches the skin with green tea, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, while working to revitalize, comfort and provide intense hydration. It immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool.
What I think: Yay for sheet masks!
7.       Purederm Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream 30ml (full size! Price 34$)
Purederm Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream not only prevents water loss from the skin, but it also replaces lost moisture. With the power of white flower complex, niacinamide and other botanical emollients provide abundant nutrition and amplifies the skins natural ability to look healthy. This cream´s light and fresh texture absorbs easily into the skin and gives you a smooth radiant finish.
What I think: Eye Creams and serums are a great thing to have, but I have so many ones from my Memeboxes that for a change I´d like to have something new. Maybe an Emulsion? Or a sun protection face mist for summer?

Altogether: This time it´s not as many full sizes as the last time around, but still many great products to try. My particular fave products: Booskin, City Cream and the Lolli Tint


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