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Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Memeboxes put to the test (Review for #8, #10, #11, LB #1 and LB #2)

Hello everyone,
I have been intensively testing some Memebox products again and wanted to let you know which ones I liked and which ones were not working for me. I waited again until I had a bunch of them :-) It sure takes a while because I have so much to test, but I put myself on a spending ban and only will order when there is a super special offer. However Iam presently waiting for 11 boxes, so I can assure you you won´t get bored... I still get all the Global boxes I pre-ordered months ago, the Cacao, Whole grain, Milk, Oriental Medicine, Zero, K-Style and OMG Box. So keep your eyes peeled for those little darlings ;-)

By the way. You may find the special Memebox offers now on the bar on left side, so if you want to buy one you can save and make a bargain.

Drww Multi-Action smart Cream gel - Memebox #10:
I love this! It is a great gel, combined with essence and works great on a hot day. It isn't sticky and is quickly absorbed by my skin. However if you have dry skin it probably won't be moisturizing or rich enough. For combination or oily skin it is perfect!

Caolion Mool Pool Deep cleansing-Memebox 10:
A really nice gel cleanser. I massage it on my skin and it removes almost all make up on my face! Highly recommended!

CNP Laboratory cleansing perfecta - luckybox #1:
This is a cleansing gel,too. But in comparision to Mool Pool it doesn't work as well. I still end up having tons of make up on my face when using it :-( I will pass it on to someone else.

Nuganic Customize Sun Block - Luckybox #2:
Honestly the best sun block I ever used! Despite the SPF 50PA+++ it does not leave a white cast on my skin and is quickly absorbed! If you hate sun blocks and can't be bothered this is the one you are going to love!

Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack - Memebox #8:
Whenever I use this I wake up with beautiful skin. It reduces pimples and sebum/sweat production while I sleep. And a little goes a long way. If I run out of it Iam likely to reputchase it!

Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin - Memebox #11:
A toner and booster combined. Iam not sure what a booster does or is supposed to do, but it is a great product which locks moisture in my skin and makes my skin look great. I love to use it every morning. And, this might be my imagination, my skin looks smooth like photoshopped after I use it!

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