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Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Why I have started to prefer Asian skin care routines

Hello everyone,

long time readers of my blog may have noticed that I really write a lot about Asian skin care. But why am I interested in it, you wonder? Shouldn´t I stick to old style or European skin care as I am for one embodiing an retro style or/and because I am European?

The truth is that the asian approach to beauty makes more sense to me. I feel that the western world is more focussed on finding the ultimativel holy grail foundation/concealer that will hide all your blemishes, spots and wrinkles, whereas the asian approach is to achieve a more healthy skin without blemishes, spots and wrinkles to start with. Off course you are on your search for a "holy grail" product in either case, but I think in the long term it makes more sense to perfect the skin, rather than just to smear foundation on top to make it appear perfect. 

As far as my research goes I read at many sources that korean skin care is like 8-10 years ahead of ours. Now I don´t know on what this statement is based, but I can see by myself that they use more natural incredients and are more open to experiment with weird incrediences (snail slime, bee vonom or faux snake poison anyone?). I enjoy that I can learn and try a lot of new things I wouldn´t have thought of before (such as bubble nets to foam up my cleanser to huge foam balls that I use to wash my face. How awesome is that!). I enjoy to try out BB Creams as foundation is just a tad too much for me in daily life and they fit my pale yellowish complexion way better than most foundations I find in Europe. Seriously - it is tough finding a not too expensive foundation that will suit my skin tone and not break me out in Germany. 

Sure, it takes more time to double cleanse, apply toner, serums, ampoule, eyecream, lotion, cream and sunblock than it does to just cleanse and throw a cream on top, but I feel it pays off and that my skin improves. Plus I am not getting any younger and I still want nice skin in my 40s, 50s, 60s without stabbing any needles into my skin. Ewwwww, who´d like to do that anyway. I rather want to age, but age nicely than ending up with a plastic face :-)

Now, I will probably never make it to Asia as I just don´t have enough money, but sometimes when I sleep I dream about going shopping skin care there :-D Which is crazy, because I never thought about going to Asia until, let´s say, the end on 2013, but now I would actually like to. Well, it´ll go on my list to things to do when I am re-born and rich :-D

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