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Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Memebox #12 - unboxed

     Hello everyone,

      I received Memebox #12 today and off course I am posting it straight away!

    Memebox #12 costs 23$ plus 6,99$ shipping and features 6 full size/deluxe sample size items.

      Please take note of the special Memebox offers I posted in the left side-bar so you won´t miss out on special offers:-)


   1. Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 50 ml (Full size 200ml, Price 12$
    Product Description:
    Infused with biota seed, green tea and gold extracts, this hair treatment will not only prevent hair loss
    but also re-energize and strengthen thin, damaged hair. It´s excellent cooling formula will gently soothe and nourish your scalp at the same time.

     What I think:
     I tend to lose a lot of hair, at least according to John, my opinion however is, that it is easier to find long dark red hairs on the floor as opposed to short natural brownish-red hair. With this clear I will give the treatment a try ;-)

     2. Banila Co. Claypatra Salt Clay Pack 12 g (Full Size 100g, Price 21$)
     Product description:
     The 100% pure mud extracted straight from the Dead Sea (consistent of salt and minerals effectively removes and excess sebum, dead skin and external pollutants clogged up in your pores. The mineral rich formula also delivers deep hydration and nourishment to the skin.
     What I think
     I love clay masks, so I will give it a try. I just wish it came as a bigger sample. It is barely enough to really try the mask.

     3. Plagentra White Mark Cream 15g (Full product 100g, Price 38$) +
     4.Plagentra White Mark Lotion, Cream, Massage Gel - 3 sachets (Full products 100g, Price 38$)
     Product description:
     Ever been stressed over stretch marks on your belly or on your thighs? Plagentra´s white mark         cream will be your life saver, with it´s scientifically approved formula to treat overly stretched          
     skin and balance out any uneven tone on your body.
     What I think:
     Actually I don´t have any stretch marks worth mentioning, so this will go to someone else.

     5.  L.vida Nail Polish in Passion Blue (Full size, Price 7$)
     Product Description:
     L.vidas popular nail-polish line comes in vibrant, trendy colors, each packages with a lovely flower     bouquet around it´s neck. These nail colors are highly aknowledges for their high end long lasting         finish as well.

     What I think:
     I never say no to a beautiful nail polish! Especially if it is a pretty summer color!

     6. Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream 250 ml (Full Size! Price: 43$)
     Product Description:
     This unique spray type removal cream allows you to remove hair from even the most sensitive areas     of the body.
    What I think:
    Now this is a product that sounds super-fun to use. A spray on hair remover! I will try it out soon! I
    also love the very generous size of this!

7. Palan Cysence Organic Essence 120ml (Full Size!, Price 60$)
Product Description:
Highly praised by beauty experts and hair designers, Palan´s famous hair essence is a non-greasy lotion type treatment for dry, damaged hair that you don´t have to wash off. Made from natural herbal incredients it´s extremely gently and deeply moisturizing.

What I think:
I like the generous size and that I can leave it in my hair. I tend to use hair products more often if I don´t need to wash them out. I will make sure to try that one!

My favourite products at the first glance are the Inter-coos Removal cream, Claypatra and the nail polish. I would be happy about one hair products, but two is a bit much for the box (unless it would be a set of two, such as a shampoo and conditioner from the same brand). I will try them anyway and hope I will end up loving them :-). I can imagine a lot of people being interested in the stretch mark cream, but Iam not really one of them. I will give it to someone else that could appreciate it more.

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