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Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

Memebox Special #7 Milk - unboxed

Hello everyone,

DHL was playing with me again and I got my Milk special box only today. ;-) Imagine my surprise when the  tacking said "not delivered due to vacation". It was like a bad joke and I had a hard time finding an email contact to DHL to tell them that I am home. So imagine how happy I was when finally the post man was ringing!

Memebox Special Milk Edition, Price 23$ + 6,99$ for Shipping here

1. Hello Everybody Bubble Bath Steam Milk 25 g (full size! Price: 4$)
Product Description:
Here´s the perfect beauty get away for you girls out there who´s feeling weary and stressed out after a long day. Take a hot bubble bath with Hello Everybody´s steam milk and it´s mild vanilla fragrance and abundant steam bubbles will gently soothe both your body & mind. The almond oil, chamomile and rosemary leaf extracts also included in the product will help soften and nourish your skin.

What I think:
There´s nothing like a hot relaxing bath, so yay for this lovely Bubble Bath! And it smells deicious like milk and honey. I wish I could eat it!!!!

2. Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion Milk 300ml (full size! Price 25$)
Product Description:
This all natural body lotion is made from organic goat milk and is extremely gentle, moisturizing and fast absorbing. It´s also rich in aloe vera, honey, lemon balm and spearmint extracts and thus carries a very strong moisture locking formula to keep your skin smooth and supple.
What I think:
This body lotion sounds great and the size is verrrrry generous! I can´t wait to try that one. Between us: I am actually on a shower gel and body lotion spending ban until I have used up some of my extremely huge pile of them, so it is nice to get a new one without the bad conscience ;-)

3. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub 25g (full size! Price 11$)
Product Description:
This gentle lip scrub is packed with all sorts of natural goodies - sugar, peach extracts, milk protein extracts, chamomile extracts, bees wax - for removing dead skins, deeply nourishing and adding an extra luster to your dry chapped lips.

What I think:
I own and love the Lip Peeling in Bubble Gum from Lush, so I look forward to trying another lip scrub! Also: I really love the Pure Smile Snail conditioner I got in the Snail Super Box, so I am happy to see Pure Smile featured again. I hope that this brand makes it into the Memeshop.

4. Pure Smile Milk Mask Pack 23ml (Full Size! Price 1$)
Product Description:
Replenish your complexion into a baby face with the Milk Mask PAck rich in milk protein nutricients which aid in hydrating and smoothing out uneven skin texture:

What I think:
Sheet masks are my most favourite skin care item, so yay!

5. Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk &; Argan Oil Multi Steam Cream 100g (Full size: 34$)
Product Description:
No chemical preservatives. No artificial fragrance. No artificial coloring! Made from 100% organic argan oil and natural donkey milk, known to be more nutricious than milk or goat milk and most similar to mother´s breast milk, this multi steam cream delivers intensive hydration and nutrition deep down into your skin. The whipped cream-like texture allows it to absorb softly and quickly as well.

What I think:
I have never used a steam cream and I never tried donkey milk either so this will be an really new experience for me. I wonder whether this is better suited for winter (because of the argan oil), but I guess I will find out soon. Note the cute packaging and that it is 100g. Now, this is a biiiiiiig jar of cream!

6. Ernesti Rice & Milk Foaming Cleanser 120ml (Full size! Price 15$)
Product Description:
A foam cleanser made from mineral rich hot spring water and packed with rice and milk extracts, this product will thoroughly cleanse deep into your pores, yet deliver rich moisture leaving your skin glowing with a natural translucence.

What I think:
I love foam cleansers and I don´t have one with rice or/and milk yet, so I will test it soon!

7. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk (Full size Product! Price 1$)
Product Description:
Pamper your chapped lips with Pure Smile´s Choosy Lip Pack abundant in milk,  protein extracts for strengthening the moisture level and reviving the juicy glow of your lips. This easy to apply lip patch will help maintain healthy, silky smooth lips.

What I think:
The perfect match for the Pure Smile lip scrub. I love when I can combine items!

Overall: EVERYTHING is full size! Yet, one was able to purchase it for the price of a global Memebox. Sure, some products are not thaaaat expensive, but this is so full packed it would have been a worthy Super Box. I am so happy I got it! I also love that there are complimenting products such as the Pure Smile Lip items and the Hello Everybody bubble bath and body lotion. There is not one thing that I feel meh about! This was the last box I ordered from this batch and I would have been very upset if I had missed it!

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