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Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Rossmann Schön für mich Box Juli 2014 - unboxing

Hello everyone,
I am probably the last blogger in Germany to write about the "Schön für mich" Box by drugstore Rossmann. ;-) I only got it yesterday as I only found my card to pick it up yesterday, so here you go.
I have to mention that this is the first beauty box from Germany I ever bought, despite being German and living there all my life and it was actually a happy accident. You sort of win this box on Facebook and than it only costs 5 € and you pick it up one month later at the nearest Rossmann Store near you. I had tried to win two times before and failed, so imagine my surprise when I participated - and WON :-D
One thing must be said - this box is HUGE! About three times as big as a Memebox. In the initial box I found a second box and in this box I found the products wrapped in paper with the info card on top.
Zeckito classic Pumpspray:
I have a love/hate relationship with mosquito spray for the body. I appreciate that it keeps the stings away, I don´t like the smell. John and I will totally find use for it ;-)
Wellness & Beauty Körperspray:
A body spray with green tea and olive. It really smells nice, so I have popped it into my hand bag for those times when I need a bit of refreshment
 Sun Ozon Sonnenmilch SPF 20:
A Sun milk with SPF 20. I usually prefer a higher SPF (something like 50 during summer and 30 for the rest of the year) and actually just stocked up as I ran out of last years, but I am sure I will find use for it. I could use it on my leg for example as they barely ever get sun anyway (I am no sun bather, my skin just turns greyish brown and uneven when I do)
Info Card
CD Glücksgefühl:
This orange flower fragranced deodorant is lovely. I like the smell, but wish it would stay around a little longer. It is a perfect summer fragrance and I used it already!
Alnatura Lipstick "Classic Red":
A lovely strong red. I would have chosen this one myself, so it is a total win! Actually I wear it today!
Rival de Loop Express Nails:
A cute little orange nail polish. This would have been my choice, too. Orange is such a great summer color!
Synergen Cream Make-up in camel:
This is the only total let down as it is nowhere near my skin color. Synergen has so many products, I think it would have been safer for them to go for a skin care product, so more people have a fair chance to use it.
Scholl Velvet Smooth Feuchtigkeitspflege:
A Foot Cream that is suppoed to soak in within 60 seconds. I am almost done peeling my foot from an Asian foot peeling product and ready to treat my feet nice. I can see this playing a role in my evening routine, especially if it really just needs 60 seconds to absorb!
Altogether: A really nice box with drug store brands. The price (only 5€) is really amazing. I won´t stray from my Korean skin care boxes, but I will keep on trying to win whenever Rossmann is posting their Schön für dich box game on Facebook.

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