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Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Snail Creams - Mizon vs. The Skin House

Hello everyone,

I received the Skin House Snail System cream in the Snail Superbox by Memebox  and figured it is similar to the Mizon Snail Repair cream. Boy, was I wrong.
If you have no idea what Iam talking about right now when Iam talking snail creams, let me show you the promo material for Mizon and Snail House...

Consistency-wise Mizon is more like a moisturizing cream gel, while skin  house is way more stringy, slimey and sticky. In fact Skin House is a bit tricky to apply. I usually take out a smaller than pea-size amount of it, rub it between my fingers and than try to put it on in one motion. Once it is applied it dries to a less sticky surface.

Overall my observation is that Skin House functions to lock in moisture and should definitely be the last step of your skin care routine, while Mizon provides moisture and should be the first step of your skin care routine.
I recommend Skin House as a night care only cream, because I once tried it as a day cream and my BB Cream started to peel off when I applied it on top of it, something which usually NEVER happens to me. Meanwhile you can use the Mizon Snail Repair Cream day and night if you please without any problems.
Both Skin House and Mizon work really well, but if you are grossed out easily I would say go for Mizon as it is easier to apply and more of a gel cream consistency. If you want to go full snail power and are a adventurous type I suggest you get both of them.
I don´t know whether I will re-purchase the Skin House Cream. I will use it up for sure (a little goes a long way. I have been using it since May 28th and it is still very full. I guess I will still have a long time to make up my mind about it. :-) After all I am happy that I got to try it!

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