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Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Memebox Special #11 Cacao - unboxing

Hello everyone,

yes, my obsession with food themed Memeboxes is getting a bit out of hand. Technically I have sort of an entire breakfast.... You know, Whole Grain, Milk, now Cacao... and off course the Oriental Medicine for food supplement. ;-) I love the way chocolate smells so this box has ME written all over it!

This is a Memebox Special Edition available for 23 $ + 6,99 $ for shipping (and you should always check out my affiliate offerings on the left side to get the best deals;-)

Let´s see what we´ve got here...

1. Etude House Milk Talk 200ml (full size!, Price 7$)
Product Description:
This adorably packed body wash is one of Etude House´s favourites amongst its fans for the heavenly sweet, cholatey fragrance. Plus, it can be used as both a body wash and a bath milk - simply pour is in for a hot and bubbly chocolate bath.

What I think:
OH YES! Dip me into a chocolate bath!!! Often during winter time I buy myself chocolate bath stuff. This year I won´t need to cause I already have a very generous bottle.

2. WondRuci Cacao  Brightening Mask 100g (full size! Price: 38$)
Product Description:
Enjoy a luxurius aroma massage effect with this Cacao Brightening mask right in your home! The real cacao components from the mask cleanse away all dirt and impurities piled up in your pores and the various minerals included work to moisturize and brighten up your complexion (the mask texture also looks, feels and smells exactly like real chocolate so be careful not to eat it).

What I think:
This sounds like another great product that will make the blues go away in winter time! In my phanstasy I will actually have this on my face while taking me Milk Talk bath... Uuuuuuuuhhhh!!!

3. Pure Smile Essence Mask Choclate Milk (full size! Price 1$):
Product Description:
Replenish your complexion into a baby face with this chocolate Milk Mask rich in Milk protein nutrients, cacao extracts, vitamin E and collagen which alol work to hydrate and smooth out uneven skin texture.

What I think:
I am glad to receive another Pure Smile mask. Presently I allways keep some sheet masks in my freezer so I can use them to cool off my face in the evening. Plus, regular readers know this already, Sheet masks are one of my favourite skin care items!

4. Evas Vitamin Cleansing Desert Magic Cream Soap Coconut and Cacao 130g (full size!, Price 18$)
Product Description:
While some cleansers have larger foam particles, excess vibration or friction can irritate the skin, this coconut and cacao-infused cream soap works gently yet thoroughly with micro foam particles hat reach deeply into your pores, leaving your face refreshing clean and smooth.

What I think:
Cacao AND Coconut? Where´s my spoon? I am exciting to use a cream soap on my face, especially as it smells delicious and comes in a cute packaging. I feel like they wanna make us over-paranoid about the "large foam particles" though. This surely is a concern I have NEVER thought about before :-D

5. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate 25g (full size!, Price 11$)
Product Description:
This gentle Choosy Lip Scrub is packed with all sorts of natural goodies - sugar, cacao extracts, bees wax, shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil - for removing dead skins, deeply nourishing and adding an extra luster to your dry, chapped lips.

What I think:
I have yet to try the lip scrub from the milk box, but it sure can´t hurt to have two to chose from ;-)

6. Purederm Nose Pore 6 Strips Choco Cacao - 6 pieces (full size! Price 6$)
Product Description:
This Nose Pore Strips Choco Cacao is a one-step pore care treatment specifically designed to unclog excess blackheads, whiteheads, dirt and oil piled up in your pores. You´ll feel a dramatic difference after just one use.

What I think:
I never use nose strips cause I don´t really have blackheads, but John does, so he will get them from me :-)

I am in love with this box! It basically has everything you need to pamper yourself! It´ll be the perfect treat to keep the winter blues away! All the products are full sized! What more could I possibly ask for?

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