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Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Memebox Special 14 Zero Cosmetics

Hello everyone,

when I heard that Memebox would bring out a box stating:

"Zero alcohol, zero parabens, zero DEA and zero Formaldehyde, this is the ultimate zero chemical Zero Cosmetics Box!
We did some studying to create this zero chemical, zero additives, Zero Cosmetics Box! We wanted to provide you with the most natural and chemical free head to toe care so that you don’t have to put any more unnecessary additives and harsh ingredients that will cause irritation! We’ve loaded up this box with only the most gentle and natural products so that you can maintain your natural beauty."

I was sold right away! What´s better than having not to worry about whatever might be in your skin care? I bought it and thought "This better be good". Spoiler: It turned out better than good ;-)

The Memebox Special #14 Zero Cosmetics costed 23 $ plus 6,99 $ for shipping. Let´s see which magic lotions and potions we get for this!

If you are new: Memebox is a beauty box company from South Korea which sells both monthly beauty boxes (Global Boxes) with deluxe and full size samples, themed specials (Memebox Special)  with samples and full sizes and boxes featuring full sizes only (Superboxes) for affordable prices. The products are great quality and you are sure to find some nex exotique favourites. Memeboxes are fun, adventurous and highly addictive.
1. Papa Recipe Bombee Soap 100g (full size! Price 13$)
Product Description:
No Paraben. No Phenoxyethanol. No Triethanomaline. No Mineral Oils, No artificial coloring. The Bombee Soap is a hand made soap made from propolis, honey extracts, jojoba oil and citron seed oil. It´s gentle and nature derieved formula helps soothe red, irritated skin and deeply moisturize dry, sensitive skin.

What I think:
Wow, this is even free of things I never heard about ;-) Honestly I have no idea what  Phenoxyethanol and Triethanomaline is, but both sure sounds dangerous. I know what propolis, honey, jojoba oil and citron seed is though and this sounds really, REALLY good! Honey is usually very good for my skin, so I can´t wait to try this!

2. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream 50g (full size! Price 18$)
Product Description:
Benton goes a very strict set of "Zero 8 System" which requires that all of it´s products exclude the following components - paraben, alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial coloring, mineral oil, benzohenone, chemical preservatives. This Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream is enriched with snail secretion filtrate, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, EGF and squalane and it works to nourish, brighten, and treat signs of wrinkles on your face.

What I think:
Memebox has been reading my mind again! I just bought a little sample set featuring the steam cream and the essence to match of this product because I have been dying to try it for a while now! I guess I will give away a few of my steam cream samples to friends (and keep a few fro travelling). I am so, so happy! Even if only this one single product would have been in my box I would have been over the moon!

3. All Nature Organic Mask sheet 25ml x 4 (Full size! Price: 6$)

Product Description:
All Nature brings four super foods - black beans, broccoli, blueberry and huttuynia corda - to the beauty scene with these four mask sheets consisting more than 50% of organic extracts from these super foods. Replenish and renew with what Mother Nature has to offer.

What I think:
MASK SHEETS!!! *Happy Dance*. Presently my mask sheet obsession is going overboard and I use them almost every day. I freeze them, than let them taw up a little and put them on my face on hot days! Even better, it comes in a set of 4!

4. Easydew Freh Mild Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++ 7ml (Full size would be 50ml and the Price would be 51$)
Product Description:
This gentle, ultra light, and greaseless Sun BLock provides a high level of protection again UV rays, maintains the skin nice and moist, and strengthens the sikn´s innate ability to protect itself at the same time!

What I think:
It is a small sample size and will go into my handbag for sun ray emergencies!

5. Nature´s Friend SaeHaneul Eye & Nourishing Cream 40ml (full size! Price 30$)
Product Description:
Nature´s Friend takes great pride in their gentle, not-toxic formula which does not include any paraben, ethanol, mineral oil, silicon, artificial fragrance and artificial coloring. Instead, the popular Eye & Nourishing Cream is enriched with 10 different organic plant extracts for delivering deep nourishment and facilitating skin regeneration to treat signs of fine lines and wrinkles along your eye contours.

What I think:
I like my eye creams non-toxic ;-) Granted I have received tons of eye creams lately, so I don´t know when it will make it in my (hopefully non-toxic) skin care routine.

6. Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum 50ml (full size! Price 43$)
Product Description:
Aloe vera and lavender oil from the serum works to instantly soothe irritated or sensitive skin and the hyaluronic acid and the sach inchi oil rich in omega 3.6.9 deliver intensive hydration by creating a protective moisture layer that lock in moisture within the skin. The Soothing Serum is packed with herbal formula blended by New Zealand herbalists and includes chamomile water, tea tree water, sweet almond, evening primrose, olive, lavender etc.

What I think:
I think this sounds like a great serum for fall and winter when my skin will definitely become more dry and can need a good boost!

This box has like 9 products (if you count the mask sheets separately)! 8 out of them are even FULL SIZE!  Which is WOW! I will have use for everything in it and even better: I got a product I have been eyeing for a long time (the Benton Snail Bee Steam Cream). Can´t wait to try everything! I am very lucky with my boxes, so far nothing has been a disappointment.

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