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Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Memebox Superbox #56 Yogurt Cosmetics unboxing

Hello everyone,

I always have my Memeboxes delivered to work because, well, I spend most of the day there and as Iam most of the time the person taking over the parcels from the postman it doesn´t add up to anyone elses work. So I was gone for vacation for a week and returned having 3 Memeboxes waiting for me. Whew!

Let´s start with the Memebox Yogurt Superbox which was surprisingly cheap for a Superbox (only 23$ plus 6,99 $ for shipping, whereas a usual Superbox costs 29$!). For the novices: Superboxes feature only full size beauty products and as I have nothing but good experiences with food themed boxes and needed another box to get a discount I went for it (Plus I liked the Milk Box, so Yogurt was ringing a bell for me).

1. Pure Smile Yogurt Mask Mixed fruits x 2 (full size, Price 5$)
Product Description:
Made from a blend of yogurt and mixed fruits - banana, kiwi and pineapple extracts - this Yogurt Mask delivers rich moisture and nourishment deep down into the skin and helps maintain healthy skin condition by preventing it´s dehydration.

What I think:
Oh no, it has my nemesis (kiwi) in it, so I can´t use it unless I want to suffer a painful death. But, the happy news is that I can combine it with the kiwi cleansing foam I received in my tropical fruit box and have a nice gift set for X-Mas. I still would have preferred another sheet mask version, because I LOVE sheet masks!

2. Happy Bath Facial Yoghurt Cleansing Foam 120 ml (full size, Price 6$)
(I got the Firm Type one, there were the option Gentle, Moist and Silky available as well)
Product Description:
Enriched with yogurt and various herbal essences, HappyBath´s Facial Yogurt Cleansing Foam comes in 4 types, each catered to different skin concerns. (...)  The Firm Type is made from 3 different berries - blueberry, raspberry and cranberry and helps increase skin elasticity and smoothen out uneven skin tone and texture.

What I think:
Yes, this is more like it. While I have tons of foam cleanser already I just can´t get enough and feel so happy when I have another one to look forward to. Presently I don´t open up any new ones, but I look forward to finishing a few and starting some new ones. There is just something so satisfying about looking at my foam cleanser collection (and sad enough I don´t mean this in an ironic way).

3. ettang Modeling Take Out Cup PAck Yogurt 17g (full size, Price 3$)
Product Description:
A modelling pack refers to a rubber-like pack widely used in aestetic clinics for soothing, moisturizing and firming up the skin. This Take out Cup Pack comes in a little cup with just the right amount for a single use so all you need to do is to pour in some water to mix with and voila!

What I think:
I once tried a modelling pack from Inner Kalia (I think this was the name) and it didn´t work out that well. Looking at the amount of pulver you need for one use I now understand why it didn´t work: I didn´t take enough powder! See, not only I get to use a new modelling pack, I also learnt what I did wrong when I irst tried one! That´s Memeducation for ya! Can´t wait to try it!

4. Purederm Skin Softening Yogurt Mask Strawberry 150 ml (Price 12$)
Product Description:
Packed with strawberry and yogurt extracts, this wash-off cream type pack delivers rich nutriecenion and deep hydration to dry, coarse and tired skin and works to cleanse away all excess dead skin cells and impurities piled up in the pores for a refreshing and softening effect after use.

What I think:
I love strawberries and this sounds like a nice treat to dry and stressed winter skin while giving an illusion of summer (strawberry fragrance, that´s summer to me). I will keep it for the cold days when I need a cheer up!

5. Rappol Calming Cream 150 g (full size, Price: 59$)
Product Description:
The founders of Rappol started off their brand because they hoped to make a super gentle and effective product line for their own baby who was suffering from highly allergic, sensitive skin. Enriched with lactic acids and various other moisturizing complex, the Rappol Calming Cream works to strengthen the skin´s level of immunity and self- regeneration ability while offering a concentrated care and treatment of allergy prone skin.

What I think:
150ml is a huuuuuge bottle for a face cream! I think I might use it all over, not just the face because of it´s size. In any case it sounds nice. My skin is not super-sensitive and my only known allergy is kiwi, but I can sure need boosting of my immunity and self-regeneration!

6. Holika Holika I want Chu Lip Balm Strawberry Smoothie x2 (full size, Price 11$)
Product Description:
This super cute and unique lip balm set comes in two separate products - one in a strawberry and one in yogurt - which, when come in contact, make a chemical reaction with each other and transform into a strawberry smoothie like scent. Yes this is an item to be used before a kiss time with your lover.

What I think:
My lover wasn´t too happy when I made him wear lip balm and kiss me in order to try it. Than again: John hates lip balm. I try to tell him how good it is to keep the lips soft, but can´t convert him. Never mind. The taste is rather artificial, but it is a fun idea. Probably more targeted towards teenagers I guess. I will use the two balms for sure. It´s just my lover that won´t join ;-)

Altogether: Apart from the return of the killer kiwis this is a nice box. I look especially forward to the modelling pack, the foam cleanser and the Rappol Cream. I didn´t feel like their downgraded the products due to the cheaper price. Sure, the sheet masks are only one use each, as well as the modelling pack, but that´s ok and one got a nice amount of things. It is not my favourite box ever, but it is a good one :-)

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