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Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Memebox Global #16 - unboxing

Hello everyone,

Oh, I love my little Korean bundles of skin care joy! I received Memebox Global #16 and yes, I am totally addicted. I should slowly tone down my meme-orders, but it is so nice to always have a great selection of skin care stuff. I am a hoarder. There I said it, I technically have too much stuff (don´t tell John though).

The Memebox Global boxes are being sent out once a month and cost 23$ plus 6,99 $ shipping. Are they worth it? HELL YES! Way more. I´ll never understand why everyone is so crazy about other beautybox companies - Memebox is my one and only love because of the high value and the big amount of luxury samples and full size items.

Let´s take a look!

1. RiRe Style Black Head Brush Cleanser and Skinny Black Head Closing Serum (40ml + 20 ml, full size! Price 18$)
Product Description:
Packed with black food complex - black rice, black beans, black sesame - rich in protein and iron, the Style Black Head Brush Cleanser effectively removes any oil, dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin cells and skin impurities clogging up the pores and delivers improved firmness and skin elasticity by tightening up blackheadless pores. Then, the Skinny Black Head Closing Serum provides the perfect 2nd step oil control and pore care for maintaining a well-balanced skin condition.

What I think:
This is a neat little set to take along when travelling. You can just pop this into your bag and it is good to go. I will travel to my family during Xmas so it will be very handy :-) Actually the brush is more like a tiny pad with tiny silicone (?) bristles, rather than more traditional bristles as you´d find them on a cleansing brush.

2. Elizavecca Shrink Lifting R Pro 120 ml (full size! Price 28$)
Product Description:
Oil-based and non-sticky, Elizavecca Shrink Lifting R Pro is a cream for your swollen calves. It works to literally "shrink" the size of calves by relieving stimulated skin and increasing skin elasticity & firmness. Its gentle yet effective formula consists of mandarin extracts, coffee extracts, sage oil, peppermint, winter green and mate leaf extracts.

What I think:
My calves are tiny as is, but my Mom has leg problems so I might give it to her. Maybe it can give her some pain relief?

3. Hair +Velvet Nutri-Injection 12ml (full size! Price 5$)
Product Description:
For all those damaged hairs out there, the Velvet Nutri-Injection is here to save the day! There´s absolutely no need to rinse after application. Simply apply it throughout your hair, especially the damaged ends, after towel drying and experience results of a hair clinic program!

What I think:
I got the same product in my Jackpot box and didn´t get round to use it. Now I definitely will, cause I have two, so if it turns out amazing I can use the other one on a special occasion.

4. Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Mist 130ml (full size! Price 15$)
Product Description:
Quench skin´s thirst and brighten up dull complexion with Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Mist enriched with 6 different vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Plus, it´s completely free of paraben, benzophenon, mineral oil, alcohol, tri-ethanol and artificial coloring, thus making it gentle enough to be used by all skin types.

What I think:
With winter around the corner I can sure use mist as a quick perk me up during the day! It´ll have to wait until I am out of my Priori bee venom mist though :-)

5. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream 45 ml (full size! Price 24$)
Product Description:
A light, fast-absorbing gel cream consisted 74% of snail mucus extract which work to soothe and de-stress while moisturizing, nourishing and firming the skin for a gentle, non-irritating blemish and wrinkle care.

What I think:
I have this already - plus several back ups ;-) Sari´s expert tip for Mizon Snail Recovery Gel. You can either put it on top of your moisturizer to seal in moisture or mix it with your moisturizer before application ( a pea size). It is very moisturizing and non-sticky! And I LOVE IT! It was my first snail product ever.

6. Delskin Centella 90 Power Ampoule 30ml (full size! Price: 14$)
Product Description:
Over 90% of this facial ampoule consists of Centella Asiatica extract, world renown for it´s intensive soothing and repairing agents highly gentle and effective on sensitive skin suffering from stimulated, reddened spots or blemishes. Rejuvenate dry tired skin with one of mother nature´s best gifts.

What I think:
This sounds really, really nice. Can´t wait to play with it :-)

Apart from the Elizavecca leg thing I have use for everything and I am happy to get a restock of my favourite Mizon Product ever - the snail recovery gel! I think this box features a nice selection, especially for winter time when I need some extra-moisture :-)

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