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Montag, 3. November 2014

Memebox Special #39 Cafe Box

Hello everyone,

to me personally coffee was something I needed a long time to get into. Granted I made my grandmother and aunt coffee starting when I was 4ish (ok, they prepared it the night before and I just pressed the on button as I prepared breakfast. I used to get up first, went to the bakery with grandmas wallet and set up the table - which no one ever actually told me to do. In fact they never noticed I was gone until they woke up from me ringing at the door), however coffee wasn´t my thing for until my mid 20s. That´s when I discovered Latte Machiatto and that it didn´t knock me out of my shoes coffein-wise. I have learned to love my cappuccinos and Machiattos meanwhile so I jumped at the chance to buy the box :-) It turned out more Café than coffee themed but I love it anyway! It was a Memebox Special edition which costed 23$ plus 6,99$ Shipping.

1. Vella Fresh Creamy Soap 100 ml (full size! Price 13$)
Product Description:
This whipped cream-textured cleanser is enriched with deeply hydrating and soothing ingredients: donkey milk, 3 honey complex, and 4 kinds of floral extracts. It’s highly concentrated with nourishing ingredients and that turn to creamy bubbles to thoroughly cleanse away  all skin impurities and excess sebum. It also soothes, protects, and  moisturizes the skin to maintain the optimal pH balance in the skin! Plus, it looks like a pint of ice cream, who wouldn’t want it?

What I think:

I sure want it! This was the first spoiler item, so Memebuyers quickly realised it´s not  a strictly coffee based box. I love new and wacky cleansers and this smells like delicious lemons, so I am totally sold on that. I still have to try it, but I want to take it into my routine soon. Granted that I have the Donkey Milk Steam Cream from the Milk Box, this will be a great combo to start using once the weather is getting colder. It is still technically too warm for fall, but I am well prepared for later ;-)

2. TonyMoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub 95g (full size! Price 13$)
Product Description:
Enriched with milk protein, caffeine, coffee extracts and acetyl hexapeptide-8, the Latte Art Cappuccino is a massaging type facial scrub that works to effectively remove all skin impurities clogging up the pores, deliver rich nutrition and firm up the skin elasticity all in one. This product especially is recommended for rough, darkened skin conditions suffering from dryness and white flakes.

What I think:
I have been eyeing this peeling for over a year so I am glad to find it in this box! Friday is my scrub-day so I will use it than. I can already tell it has a nice coffee fragrance and I am curious to see how it is in comparision to my current favourite scrub (Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub). This will be fun!

3. Holika Holika Desert Time Lip Balm 7g (full size, Price 6$) in Red Cupcake
Product Description:
We’ve selected 3 most popular cupcakes from Holika Holika’s adorably packaged Dessert Time Lip Balm series.  The strawberry scented 01 Red Cupcake has a translucent red color texture and offers a glossy radiance to your lips.  The tinted  03 Peach Cupcake is scented with a delicate peach fragrance and  features a peach colored, unjaded lips with a lasting color formation.  Last, but not least, the newly launched 05 Plum Pink boosts a refreshing fruity cherry scent and a pop plum-pink colored tint.

What I think:
Let´s get real: This has the cutest packaging ever! It will be looking gorgeous in my handbag and in my make up box. Winter is coming, I need lip balm!

4. Cleomee Anti-Wrinkle Donkey Lotion 250ml (full size! Price 83$)
Product Description:
Cleomee’s gentle and moisturizing formula consisting of donkey milk, hyaluronic acide, ceramide, glycerin, Vitamin E and ECF complex delivers rich nutrition and replenishment deep down into your skin.  Donkey milk and its milky goodness far exceeds cow’s milk and even goat’s milk in it similarity to mother’s breast milk, and it is also highly prized to have been the secret to  Cleopatra’s unfailing beauty and skincare

What I think:
I obviously like the idea of donkey milk and I tried a tiny bit of the body lotion. The lotion really moisturizes, but admittedly I didn´t like the fragrance at firstas it is rather flowery and I am mostly no flower fragrance product fan. Actually I put it up for trade, than took another sniff and suddenly liked it. I will use it this fall. 

5. Pure Smile Mask Sheet 23 ml (full size! Price 1$) Green Tea Sheet Mask
Product Description: 
 The Herb Mask Sheet is infused with lavendar extracts, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and collagen and works to relieve and moisturize the skin, while the Green Tea Mask Sheet contains abundant green tea extracts for maintaining the skin’s moisture/oil balance and its firmness.

What I think:
I received the green tea version which should fit my skin type well. And I allways love to receive mask sheets :-)

6. Binu Cook Ice Cream Scoop Cacao Body Soap 70g (full size! Price 3$)
Product Description:
Shaped and smells like a scoop of delicious chocolate ice cream, this  100% natural, hand-made soap bar will cleanse away all excess oil, sebum and dead skin cells from your face and body, and leaves the skin feeling nice and supple.

What I think:
The photos doesn´t do it´s justice, it really looks like a ball of ice cream. So soooo cute!!! So nice that I am actually afraid to use it - than again... It´s chocolate... how could I possibly resist ;-)

Altogether: A great box with a lovely mix of product! I especially like the Vell Soap Cream and the Tonymoly Peeling and will use them very soon!

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