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Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Memebox Special #51 Citrus Care - unboxing

Hello everyone,

I really like things citrus. The fragrance and the nice things they can do to my skin. I was on board immediately and bought the Memebox Citrus Care straight away, hoping for vitamin-y goodness. Only  few days before it´s delivery it occoured to me that it could feature my nemesis: The kiwi. I spent some days being nervous cause if there would have been tons of kiwi items in the box it would have been completely useless for me. Than a few day afterwards the relief: Only one kiwi item. Phew!
 The Memebox Special Editions cost 23$ plus 6,99$ Shipping, but there are allways some discounts going on which I feature on the left side of the blog. They feature Korean cosmetics which have a great reputation among the beauty experts and which enchanted me quickly.

1. Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Essence 55ml (full size! Price 18$)
Product Description:
A vitamin recharging, tone brightening essence that enriches dull dehydrated skin with 6 different vitamins, lemon extracts, orange extracts, grapefruit extracts, lime extracts and niacinamide.

What I think:
Let´s take them out and take a closer look
This is my 3rd Unni Recipe product so I really like that I have almost an entire Unni Recipe skin care routine and will include it as soon as I run out of the items I presently use or when they stop working (my skin is a bitch and after a while stuff that used to work like a dream just stops working it´s making so I have to juggle between different routines).

2. The Yeon All Day Sun Cream SPF50+PA+++ 50ml (full size! Price 17$)
Product Description:
With no whitening effect and lightweight in texture the All Day Sun Cream, while replenisihing with it´s blend of aloe vera leaf, orange peel, kiwi, lemon grass and avocado extracts.

What I think:
Well, due to my allergy I can´t se it, but as I have a fair share of sun creams from Memebox I am not too upset about it.

3. TonyMoly Clean Dew Red Grapefruit Foam Cleanser 180ml (Price 4$)
Product Description:
This gentle cream to foam cleanser is packed with dewy red grapefruit extracts, penetrates deep into the pores without over-drying to gently remove makeup, dissolve impurities and purify the skin for a firmer healthier looking complexion.

What I think:
This sounds like a great cleanser for spring and summer, so I will keep it in my stash for this time.

Without any boxes
4. Mizon Refresh Time Grapefruit Body Wash 200ml (full size! Price: 14$)
Product Description:
A refreshing body cleanser designed to deep cleanse, moisturize and nurture skin with a lively grapefruit fragrance. Rejuvenate and de-stress with this Vitamin C rich formula.

What I think:
This will go to my spring and summer stash as well as I prefer less fruity fragrances for winter time :-)

5. Vivito Make-up Starter Intro 70g (full size! Price: 35$)
Product Description:
Melt away dry flakes and replenish moisture in just 10 seconds with the mke-up starter Intro pad! This skin scaling pad shaped like a flower petal contains citirx acid which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and also lavender water which delivers a deep hydrating and firming effect , it´ll leave and aromatic lavender scent lingering for lasting pleasure.

What I think:
This is a new product for me, so I am very curious to try it out! Anything to remove dead skin cells!It seems to be similar (from the idea at least) to the Neogen 7 Second Sheets which I have bought and liked in the Memeshow. They are perfect when you have tohurry in the morning :-)

6. VivitoPainting Sweet Lip Balm Orange Farm 12g (full size! Price 24$)
Product Description:
Formulated with orange peel oil, grape extracts, blackberry extracts and Vitamin E this Painting Sweet Lip Balm works to moisturize and revive dry, chapped lips. It´s scented with a sweet fruity fragrance and its unique jelly-like balm texture is also a fun, unique feature to take note of.

What I think:
I took a sniff and it smells like orange juice. The "jelly like" texture part interests me, but I presently use so many balms that it´ll have to wait for a while.

Altogether: Except for the Yeon Sun Cream I will use everything and take delight in having so many Unnie items to use together now. Bothe the face and the body wash are very generously sized
 and I really look forward to using the Vivto Makeup Starter!

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