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Samstag, 29. November 2014

Review: Skinfactory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet

Hello everyone,

I bought the Skinfactory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet off the Memebox Global Shop and wanted to tell about my experience with it.

Let´s start with the description which I took off the Memebox site to explain what it is actually meant to do.
Most of the time I do the whole korean beauty care routine in the morning time (toner, essence, serum, emulsion, cream and eye cream) but on days where I have to hurry (usually the days where I have to stop by the supermarket on my way to work to buy my breakfast for the next few days) I just cleanse my face, use the morning sheet to peel with the one side and dab on essence from the other side than I put some cream on top. As it is PLENTY of essence I use leftovers on the pad on my throat and shoulder area.

I really like the mild exfoliation effect this gives and it moisturizes really nicely as well. It works perfectly with my combination skin and it doesn´t make me break out. On top of it I am sporting a galactomyces aka fermented stuff based morning routine anyway (a lot of Tosowoon Time Shift products, maybe I should post an special entry for my usual morning routine on my blog some time) and with the sheets featuring fermented rice extract it is not like I use something super different from usual (I presently do the galactomyces in the morning because they are really moisturizing and light and snail products in the evening). My face is well moisturized and the skin looks nice all day long. Personally I enjoy my full sin care routine in the morning a lot, so I wouldn´t go for morning sheets every day, but every few days when I need to rush getting ready they are a fabulous option. Unfortunately they are not a really cheap item (25$ for 20 sheets. Presently they ship for free, but it is my understanding that this offer is only for a limited time), but it is worth smuggling them into your basket when you are a little bit off from getting free shipping you know ;-) So I will probably repurchase when there is a nice chance!

Also note that Memebox is having their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale so it is worth checking out (and maybe, maybeeeee the 7 Seconds morning sheet is just what you are missing to get a free shipping deal ;-)

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