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Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

Memebox #62 Tea Tree cosmetics - unboxing

Hello everyone,

I bought the Memebox Tea Tree Cosmetics box immediately after release because I really need every weapon I can get to keep my face clear :-) I really looked forward to this one!

Let´s see what I got!

1. Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream 15ml (full size! Price 18$)
Product description:
A concentrated blend of bee venom, white willow bark extracts, and 6 varieties of herbal extracts for relieving, clarifiying and controlling blemish spots and excessive oil and sebum on acne prone skin.

What I think:
I had this cream in the Global Box 17 and have tried it already. I like it and think it really helps with break outs so I am happy to get a back up!

2. DD´ell Moisture Facial Mask 03 Tea Tree (full size! Price 7$)
Product Description:
Formulated with abundant tea tree oil, green tea extracts, deep ocean water, allantoin and orange peel extracts, this moisture facial mask instantly cools, hydrates and alleviates blemishes and stimulated skin.

What I think:
I love sheet masks. I only wish I had gotten two of those. I look forward to trying it!

3. Purederm Tea Tree Pore Freshner 170ml (full size! Price 24$)
Product Description:
This tea tree pore freshner, witch hazel water, sage extracts, lemon balm extracts and peppermint extracts. When used on a cotton pad to tone skin aftr cleansing, it helps soothe and de-stress stimulated skin and maintain a healthy skin condition by controlling make up residues, dirt and impurties clogged up in the pores.

What I think:
I really like Purederm as a brand and liked everything that I have tried, so I look forward to trying this toner as well!

4. Tosowoong Tea Tree AC Control Soothing Lotion 100ml (full size! 19$)
Product Description:
65% tea tree leaf water and 3% tea tree extracts, the Tosowoong Tea Tree AC Control Soothing Lotion effectively alleviates red stimulated skin while treating acne-prone skin overall for a healthier, cleaner complexion. The gentle formula also helps firm up and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

What I think:
So far I have likes everything from Tosowoong that I tried. This item comes in a painfully unspectacular bottle, compared to the Timeshift line which I own and love, but something tells me it just looks the part and probably has super powers! I want to include it in my routine as soon as a step is opening up :-)

5. ProYou Tea Tree Oil 10ml (full size! Price 24$)
product Description:
A bottle of pure tea tree oil targetted to care for bemished skin. It has soothing and antibacterial properties which help treat red spots effectively without drying out the skin.

What I think:
I don´t know what to do with it yet, but I am sre I will find a way to use it!

6. Purederm Tea Tree Make-uk Remover Cleansing Towelettes 30 pieces (full size! Prce 7$)
Product Description:
Make up Removing Towelettes soaked in tea tree extracts, Vitamin E, green tea extracts and aloe vera extratcts to effectively calm and comfort the skin while gently removing all stubborn lip and eye make up residues in one easy go.

What I think:
Another product from my favourite affordable brand! Now I rarely use towelettes, but I won´t let those go to waste! I guess they are very handy for travelling and when you don´t have a lot of time to remove make up (or feel very tired). Maybe I will fall in love with them :-)

Altogether: It is a very nice box and I will get a lot of use out of it. I only wish there would have been a foam cleanser as well to kick off my routine with it.

1 Kommentar:

  1. I still struggle with acne too, but for some reason most of the western products I’ve tried so far, that have tea tree in them, are very harmful for my skin. It burns and it turns really red! But I would like to try a Korean tea tree based one, tough… I’ve heard that bee venom is also very good for acne as well.
    It’s a really cool box for people with acne problems, but I agree that a foam cleanser would have been a good idea!