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Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

Memebox Superbox #78 Dirty Gal

Hello everyone,

DHL I praise your holiday season effectiveness. Nothing seems stuck in customs for days and weeks anymore. I expected this to roll in weeeeeell after X-mas, but... now it´s here already! Yay!

Strange enough this Memebox didn´t appeal to me at first, despite promises of weird textures and fun products, but I came for the snail cream (and I was tempted to try a golden ticket box, because you got a voucher with it. Sadly I didn´t turn out to be the 1000$ voucher winner, but got 3 points only (buhu)). Looking forward: I would have been pissed to miss this great box! All items are full size!

1. Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream 50g (Price 46$)
Product Description:
Repair and renew with this intensive cream formulated with rich snail mucin renowned for it´s regerative and revitalizing properties. This potent cream supports natural cell regeneration to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and is super concentrated to replenish moisture and maximzize the skin elasticity and firmness.

What I think:
Iam always in it when snail is mentioned, so this cream definately lured me in. I am about to run out of my Mizon Repair Cream so willl soon have a capacity to try this :-)

2. B&Soap Mamie Blue 130g (Price 29$)
product Description:
Nothing heightens the skin´s natural metabolic processes better than this densely textured, smooth gliding and terrifically energizing "Smurf" facial mask. Slap this blue paste onto skin to clear away dead, tired skin cells while literally vaccuuming up all impurities. Infused with invigorating peppermint, soothing evening primrose oil, and more, this facial mask is excellent for all skin types and all ages.

What I think:
I LOVE this idea of a smurf mask. What a smurfy idea with smurfy incredients. I am sure I will look smurfyfull using it. I can´t wait to try it! Wonder what John will say? He finds me smurfy, that´s for sure!

3. Esthetic House Mayo Pack 120ml (Price 12$)
Product description:
An easy-to-use hair mask inspired from mayonaise - famous hair home remedy - to make hair soft, elastic, moist, nourished and to prevent excess hair tangles.

What I think:
Normally Iam not a hair care fan, but the mayonaise in the mayo pack makes me curious and I want to try it. Yes, bring in some novelty and I will adore you. I am so predictable!

4. Pure Smile Muddy Girl 15g x 2 (Price 2$)
Product Desription:
A wash off type mud pack made from naturally derrived ingredients such as white clay, mud, and pearl extracts. It works to soothe, purify and moisturize the skin preventing possible dehydration and surface roughening.

What I think:
Gosh are those little heart shaped containers cute! They are very small as well, so good for travelling. I really like the brand Pure Smile and will try those packs soon!

5. Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil 80ml (Price 83$)
Product Description:
This gentle and nourishing blend of natural EGF donkey oil, olive oil, annatto oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and  macadamia oil delivers rich nutrition and replenishment deep down into the skin. Free of paraben, phenoxenythanol, artificial coloring, benzophenone and mineral oil.

What I think:
The most important first: Donkey oil seems to be made of donkey milk. I am not sure yet how to include it in my skin care routine, but it sounds so interesting! I must find a way!

Altogether: I find this has more weird factor than some OMG boxes and I love it. there is no product that won´t get used, though I have to figure out how to make the donkey oil work (for 83$ retail price it better turns out to be liquid gold :-D)

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