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Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Memebox Global 18

Hello everyone,

the clock is ticking until Memebox stops shipping to anywhere but Korea, China and the USA and this time it might be forever (remember: this situation occoured last year as well). I received Global Box #18 and want to share my thought. You can still buy it on the Memebox site.

 1. Purederm Shower Jelly 100g (full size! Price: 6$)
What I think:
I received the Brightening Milk and I look forward to try it. I am not that much into the fragrance (I admit I sniffled) but I think it´ll be fun to use something with a jelly texture. I have many shower gels in use presently so this one is waiting for the next rotation in my shower gel cycle (I presently use Xmas-sy fragranced stuff)

2. Dr. MJ Bee Tox Control Cream 55 ml (full size! Price 50$)
What I think:
My Benton Snail Bee Steam Cream slowly comes to an end and it seems like Memebox delivered the perfect follow up for it. This cream includes bee venom, propolis, tea tree leaf water, rosemary extracts and calendula. This sounds almost too good a incredients list to be true and I can´t wait! Maybe 1-2 weeks more till I start with it.

3. echoice Hand Theraphy 60g (full size! Price 2$)
What I think:
echoice is my favourite so-cheap-you-can´t-believe-it brands from korea. I have enought hand creams for the time beeing, but it is nice to have another one for the stash. It is meant to be rose fragranced - so I guess I keep it for next fall.

4. Puresmile Animal Point Pad (full size! Price 1$)
What I think:
I received the guava version. You can use those pads to stick them to your face when there are dry patches. It contains guava, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid and natto gum. This is a nice emergency case product if you need quick relief.

5. Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream 3x 15ml (full size 50ml, Price 42$)
What I think:
Described as a priduct for dry skin I was worried it would be too rich for my combination skin. Not quite! It is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue. The small tubes are perfect for travelling and I bought another box based on the fact there are more of those. You can guess I am a real fan of those!

6. Touch by Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master 2.2 ml (full size! Price 45$)
What I think:
This product is meant to be put on dry patches and features essence type oil. My skin is not dry presently so I haven´t use for it yet. Maybe I will gift it away to someone who has more use for it.

My favourite: Derma Lift Cream and the Bee Tox Cream! Everything else is nice freebies that I don´t REALLY, REALLY need but that are nice to have. The Extreme Shield Master is nothing I can use, but I will find a taker ;-)

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