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Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Memebox Superbox #80 Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics

Hello everyone,

welcome to the final Memebox countdown (they will stop shipping to Europe and mostly anywhere in the world on Feburary 10th). Today let´s get our sticky fingers on the Pumpkin Pie Box.

Who can resist a pumpkin pie - well I can´t ;-)

1. Dearberry Coco´s Secret Recipe Pumpkin 100 ml (full size! Price: 16$)
What I think:
This is a wash off pack with real pumpkin extract, vitamins and beta-carotene for dry skin and clarifying and brightening dull uneven complexion. I am really intrigued by this mask, I expected something like this, but I still have to use up other masks. I really like the cute packaging!

2. Insobeau Multi Complex V-Line Repair Sleeping Mask 80 ml (full size! Price: 42$)
What I think:
This product will expire in June 2015 which really, really sucks! I will have to start using it soon. It contains eggs, adenosine, peptide, argan oil, collagen, albutin and ceramide and is meant to moisturie and brighten. I love the sound of it, but the fact that I have to start using it right away pisses me off a bit because I just started another sleeping pack!

3. Ernesti Shea Butter Hand Crem Lemon and Verbena 50g (full size! Price 5$)
What I think:
I can allways use a nice hand cream, but I am not sure what Lemon and Verbena is meant to do in a Pumpkin Pie. Hopefully it´ll smell nice! I will keep it for summer time when I prefer fresh and fruity fragrances.

4. TonyMoly Gold Black Sugar MAsk 100ml (Price 7$)
What I think:
I love my Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub but just ran out of it, so I was hoping for a nice new sugar scrub to replace it. Needless to say I am very pleased that i got this. I heared that this scrub has finer particles than the Skinfood one, which seems really nice!

5. Ernesti Day to Day Rice & Milk Foam Cleansing 160g (full size! Price: 14$)
What I think:
this seems like an new version of the Ernesti Cleanser I got earlier in one of the Whole Grain boxes.  Granted I didn´t use either of it, but it is sort of nice because I can keep one and give one to a friend.

Altogether: While I am not happy about the early expiery date for the sleeping pack every thing else seems really nice and I look forward to using it all.

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