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Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Memebox Superbox #81 Anniversary

Hello everyone,

I was getting a bit lazy after Xmas and didn´t write as much despite getting a few boxes. Now I just got the message that Memebox won´t ship anywhere else but to Korea, China and USA starting on February 10th so I quickly catch up with my reviews before leaving Memeland forever. Don´t get me wrong -  will still occassionally post skin care reviews, but I will mostly post pin up stuff again. That´s good news for those coming for the pin up posts - bad news for those who came to read Memebox Reviews.

Let´s jump right in it.

This Memebox was released in order to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Memebox. Unfortunately it will also remain my only year with Memebox as it seems.

1. Tosowoong Bee AC Control Lotion 100ml (full size! 15$)
What I think:
This is filled with bee venom, galactomyces and bifida ferments. I don´t know bifida, but bee venom and galactomyces play a huge role in my skin care. I will make sure to include this in my skin care routine once my tea tree lotion runs out. I am a big Tosowoong fan!

2. Unni Recipe Makes your skin smooth firming Pact in Light beige (full size! Price 24$)
What I think:
With incredients featuring galactomyces, bifida (I really need to find out what that is) and lactobacilus this was one if the products I really looked forward. Unfortunately it doesn´t really work with my skin tone and it accented every pore I had :-( Fortunately I have so many other pacts that I can use :-)

3. AHC Whitening Cream SPF35PA++ 30ml (full size! Price 38$)
What I think: 
This brightening cream is described as a 4-in-1 multicare product featuring a vitamin rich blend of niacimide, hyaluronic acid, lemo, kakadu plum, kamu kamu berry and betaine. Sound really interesting but I haven´t gotten round to try it yet. I will once I run out of my Snow white cream.

4. RiRe Cool Dr. Scalp & Hot Speed Manicure (full size! Price 11$)
What I think:
Those are two scalp treatments . No huge hair product fan, but I will try them once I get the chance. I have relatively many hair things thanks to Memebox, so those will have to wait until I travel and need to pop someting small into my bag.

5. RiRe Capsule Mask pack 75 ml (full size! Price 22$)
what I think:
I got the Anti-Aging version. I like how cute the packing looks, but I have yet to try it. It sounds rather like a mist, than a actual mask in the description because it states that you caan spray it under or over your make up whenever you feel that you need it. The incredients feature adenosine, niacimide, cherry blossom, evening prim rose and violet extracts so I imagine it has a pleasant smell. I think I will keep this for spring time as I presently use the Unni Vitamin Mist.

 Altogether: A nice box, though not their nicest one. I expected something a bit more exciting for their anniversary. It seems rather basic.

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